Be fit for future purpose in the new age of sales

Nazca is designed to support businesses, sales organizations and individuals as they compete in rapidly changing competitive markets, highly demanding buyer landscapes and fast-evolving working environments.

We enable sales leaders and teams to meet these profound challenges and exceed business expectations whilst ensuring that everyone engaged in sales can realise their full potential and maintain the highest levels of performance, trust, value and wellbeing.

From our guiding principles, expressed through our Manifesto for Change, to our new future ready Sales Process Development Platform and Consultancy Services, Nazca is purpose built to help sales organizations grow unrivalled buyer trust and engagement, gain complete control of their sales enablement operation and perform to the highest levels of commercial and market demand.

Nazca is committed to ensuring that sales individuals and organizations are fit for future purpose and able to excel in this new age of sales.

Our approach to your future

We are inspired by the need for a new age of sales to meet our rapidly changing world, business requirements and buyer demands.

Everything we do is designed to re-define your sales organizations, re-invent your buyer enablement processes, re-invigorate your sales pipeline, sales revenue and business growth potential and re-establish the vital human interactions that are so critical to the new age of sales.

Be the change you want to see

Nazca believes we are entering a new age of sales that re-instates humans to the centre of all sales and buyer relationships. We are so committed to this that we have created a Manifesto for Change and a movement of likeminded people.

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Much more than just any old Sales Process Development Platform

The old ways are no longer fit for purpose. So we have designed an evolutionary new platform purpose built for the future.

As befits a new age of sales, Nazca have developed an inspirational new way for sales organisations to re-define their entire approach to sales and buyer enablement and be better fit for future purpose. Our Sales Process Development Platform is as central to this as your people and teams.

Making sales engagements human again

Nazca have developed designed the Sales Process Development Platform to ensure that salespeople can better understand, manage, and utilise accurate sales engagement insights throughout their pipeline.

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Your people are the new age of sales

We believe that in sales, human interaction and understanding is everything.

Your people are the lifeblood of your sales organisation. Their insights, their behaviours, their methods and their ability to respond to rapidly changing buyer landscapes and needs are the difference between business success and, ultimately, failure.

At Nazca, we believe that it is only through a combination of understanding, learning, adapting, changing, and practicing that salespeople can give of their best in the new age of sales. Our integrated Coaching, Consulting and Training services will deliver this to sales leaders, managers, and practitioners.

Reinvent your sales enablement

Not only is the majority of training in today’s companies ineffective, but the purpose, timing, and content of training is flawed. By integrating sales enablement with your sales pipeline, you will reinvent your sales enablement.

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Join our Beta Partner Program and receive significant savings on your first year subscriptions before we release the Platform for General Availability.

Our commercials are fair, clear and flexible

One renewal date, no matter how many subscriptions you have within your business account. You have total control to reassign your Scorecard licenses to new users, upgrade existing users, and purchase new subscriptions.

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What is measured is managed

A fresh perspective can make all the difference

Sales teams’ skills, discipline and behaviour is often an afterthought because all focus is on achieving short-term quota plan targets. We can provide you with that fresh perspective in one or two days consultancy engagement.

If you measure only short-term revenue achievement, focusing your quota plans solely on achieving fiscal targets. You risk driving sales behaviour focused on the short-term, at the expense of also achieving your longer-term value-growth goals.

We support you to consider how the Sales Process Development Platform can reinvent your sales process and incentive systems, to drive the behaviour necessary to drive business value growth and achieve your business goals.

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