End the cycle of the poor sales pipeline

Most sales pipelines fail to live up to expectations. Conversion rates are over-estimated or time-to-close deals are underestimated. And often it’s both.

Nazca Services is a sales pipeline development platform that helps Business to Business (B2B) sales teams to strengthen their sales pipelines and close deals quicker. Sales lead conversion rates will increase. Sales teams’ time management and skill managing sales leads to closure will improve.

The Sales Pipeline Development Platform delivers a sales operating system, empowering salespeople, managers, and sales leaders to realise their full potential.

To give sales teams a digital, dynamic playbook and methodology, integrated with their CRM system and sales pipeline. Guiding focus on buyer enablement, salespeople will earn buyers’ trust to deliver value and consistently achieve their quota targets.

To provide sales managers with a 360 understanding and control of sales engagements flowing through their teams’ sales pipeline rolling up into their own sales forecast.

To deliver sales leaders with the insights to make better leadership decisions, building richer, more lasting relationships with their sales business, required to execute high-value B2B sales strategies that drive business value growth.

Wouldn’t you like to live in a world where your sales pipeline consistently lives up to expectations? Join us at Nazca Services.

Strengthen your sales pipeline while training

Our online courses integrate the Conversational Solution Sales Scorecard so you can develop your sales skills while working on your sales pipeline deals and continuing to sell.

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Our Approach

Is to make it feel natural working with the Sales Pipeline Development Platform, to strengthen your sales pipelines and reinventing your sales enablement, unleashing your sales revenue and business growth potential.

Register on the Platform

Register your business and users for the Personal or Enterprise Edition Scorecard subscriptions. You can also select and enrol them onto a foundational sales enablement course. Once registered, either ourselves or a partner will support you deploy and onboarding your sales team onto the Platform.

Which Scorecard Edition?

Personal Edition guides salespeople manage their sales engagements flowing through the sales pipeline, and conversations using sales tools to earn trust and deliver more value. The Enterprise Edition integrates with your CRM and other systems, supporting sharing and collaboration.

Reinvent your Sales Enablement

Our approach to sales enablement and development helps your sales teams and managers take responsibility for developing their personal and professional skills and habits to become the best version of themselves. Review and select the ideal online course for each member of your team.

Integration, Coaching and Consulting Services

If your company is going to prepare for and adapt to a new world of sales, you must first consider the sales behaviour required to achieve that change. Both ourselves and our partners listen, adapt and deliver our services to meet your priority business goals supporting you drive short-term sales revenue and longer-term business value growth.