Every sales engagement will ebb and flow until it crosses the line, won or lost.

Taking control of the sales engagement using MEDDICC mitigates these risks improving sales engagement control, qualification, forecasting, strengthening sales pipelines, and team performance winning deals.

Too often, sales managers and their teams attend sales training, return to the field, and seldom apply what they have learnt. You may be in this same situation or concerned about exposing yourself to this risk.

Our approach is to align the MEDDICC, or MEDDPICC* sales methodology, with your Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success teams to enable constant and dynamic improvement in sales performance by MEDDICC-enabling your deal reviews, systems, practices, collaboration, and campaigns.

We will work with you to further strengthen your enablement programs and tools if you have a Sales Enablement Team.

We will guide you on other robust initiatives that, when applied, further focus and amplify your success deploying MEDDICC improving sales forecast accuracy, increasing revenues closed and improving sales confidence in achieving quota targets.

* The additional 'P' in MEDDPICC can separate the paper process managing the redline legal negotiations from the second 'D' in MEDDICC, focusing on the Decision Process. Alternatively, 'P' could stand for Partner if you work in partnership to deliver value and close deals. Consider adding both to create MEDDPPICC, also an 'R' to deal with Risk.

MEDDICC stands for Metrics, Economic Buyer, Decision Criteria, Decision Process, Implicating the Pain, Competition, and Champion.

Central to effective sales management is preparing for and managing Deal Reviews.

We will support you secure the total commitment from your front-line sales managers.

Successfully deploying MEDDICC relies on you giving your front-line sales managers the support they need to adopt and apply it thoroughly.

MEDDICC may come across as simple to use sales methodology, having read a couple of books and attended one or more training courses. Reality is very different. MEDDICC is a robust sales methodology with many moving parts, each requiring constant attention and action at various stages of your sales engagement.

We help you successfully deploy MEDDICC and MEDDICC enable your front-line sales managers by MEDDICC enabling Deal Reviews.

For example, we adopt a quick reference tabular display of the MEDDICC elements, further breaking them down into different moving parts that helps simplify guidance on what to do, when, and how to do it at each sales stage.

Session Packs Overview

We prefer adopting a listen and understand approach before recommending a course of action. Our Session Packs provide a quick reference 'Off the Shelf' strategy.

We have created two Session Packs for quick reference to keep it simple. Deploying MEDDICC to your Sales Team and MEDDICC Enabling front-line Sales Managers.

Select the Session Pack button for more information on our 'Off the Shelf' approach, and once you have had time to review, get in contact.