End the cycle of the poor sales pipeline

Most sales pipelines fail to live up to expectations. Conversion rates are over-estimated or time-to-close deals are underestimated. And often it’s both.

Nazca Services is a sales development platform that helps Business to Business (B2B) sales teams to strengthen their sales pipelines and close deals quicker. Sales lead conversion rates will increase. Sales teams’ time management and skill managing sales leads to closure will improve using two online services:

Conversational Solution Sales Scorecard – Integrating with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, guides sales reps on the conversations required to maintain an accurate sales forecast, foster value-based selling, and increase sales values to achieve their sales quota targets.

Sales Enablement – Self-service sales mastery, coaching sales reps to improve their solution sales skills, at their pace, and continuing to work online using their sales leads that strengthens their sales pipelines, without ever having to come out of the field.

Wouldn’t you like to live in a world where your sales pipeline consistently lives up to expectations? Join us at Nazca Services.

Strengthen your sales pipeline and deal reviews

Our Conversational Solution Sales Scorecard will support you grow your sales pipeline, increase your deal sizes, forecast more accurately, and close deals quicker.

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Strengthen your sales pipeline while training

Our online courses integrate the Conversational Solution Sales Scorecard so you can develop your sales skills while working on your sales pipeline deals and continuing to sell.

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Our Approach

Is to make it feel natural working with us strengthen your sales pipelines, unleashing your sales revenue and business growth potential.

Sales lead development

We developed our Online Training Platform and Sales Prospecting Tools allowing your sales teams to continue selling and strengthening their sales pipeline while sharpening their sales skills.

Sales team development

We developed our Conversational Solution Sales Scorecard™ to help guide your sales teams develop value-based sales engagements that increase sales revenues, and close deals when forecast.

Sales skills development

We develop sales techniques to better predict and understand your leads' behaviour, and a self-development program to bust bad sales habits replacing them with better serving ones.

Tools, training and growth

We are passionate about developing sales prospecting tools and training supporting your business success. That strengthens and grows your sales pipelines and improves sales forecast accuracy.