We understand solution sales

With global expertise in sales development

We have a successful track record driving increased sales revenues, improved sales forecasting, talent development and retention in the most challenging business environments.
This comes from seeing the WHY behind what is happening in the sales data and understanding how to get the best out of those we work with. Our skills have allowed us to guide experienced sales and support professional manage sales conversations over extended periods. How to build sales engagements leveraging a clearly communicated competitive edge and being able to quickly fix communications failures and breaks in the sales value chain.
Our approach is focused on making small incremental improvements in 6 key areas to strengthen your business to drive significant sales revenue and business growth.

focus on the sales conversations

Buying into a proven approach to selling

    Work with us and we will show you how focusing on managing the sales conversations and developing a challenging mindset will release the full potential in your sales teams. How using the Conversational Solution Sales Scorecard™, our online Training Platform, and several sales skills including the Timeline Technique™ will grow your sales pipeline, sales revenue and forecast accuracy, and business.

    You already have sales process indicators in place tracking and reporting on account activity, updates, follow-ups, and other sales cycle indicators. Using the Conversational Solution Sales Scorecard™ risk indicators alongside your existing sales reporting will increase your sales leaders' and teams' confidence managing a solution sale to closure.

    The conversational sales indicators are often called leading indicators because they give you a warning. These warnings allow you to proactively manage your solution sales engagements, forecast accuracy and strengthen sales engagements to drive greater client loyalty, increasing sales pipeline revenues and business revenue growth.

Your solution sales value chain

Your business exists for one reason only, to supply something of significant added value to meet your clients’ needs. It is your value chain that allows you to consistently meet the needs of your clients, and add more value.

A weak sales value chain places your business growth and sales revenue at risk. It takes just one failure or breaks in your value chain to destroy that value for a client. Strengthening your sales value chain can put back thousands onto your bottom line profitability.

Using the Conversational Solution Sales Program guided by your business priorities and focus will mobilise your sales and support teams, your sales processes and your value chain to perform at its peak state.

The Program ensures you are developing a thorough understanding of each sales engagement of everything including risks and opportunities that is on the table. This ensures you are always motivated to take the time to construct a Win-win deal that serves you and your client best.

Making small incremental improvements in 6 key areas…

…you will strengthen your teams’ performance, drive significant sales revenue and business growth. We will show you how to remove the pain of losing a deal or worse a client who does not see that added value you can deliver because you have not had those meaningful conversations.

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