A fresh perspective can make all the difference

Everyone is committed, but it just is not working as expected

Sometimes all it takes is a couple of days consulting

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Here are some areas we can help by bringing you a fresh perspective.


Launching ahead with a high stakes sales engagement or project can put your business back months, even years if you do not take the right approach. We support you carry out a pre-mortem to consider what could go wrong. Doing so helps you make the mistakes in advance in your head rather than in reality.


Sales pipeline reviews are your business’s regular health check. We unknowingly lose many of our sales engagement but keep pushing on to the end, consuming valuable time and resources. Using the Timeline Technique, we help sales leaders improve sales pipeline reviews that lead to more accurate sales forecasting and sales revenue growth.


You have good people, but the process is failing them, creating internal tensions and reduced work efficiencies. It may be a conflict between sales and pre-sales, or sales and marketing, or between other functions. We support you review your sales value chain to identify what is causing the conflict and provide practical guidance on how to address it.


Sometimes someone in the team is not performing at their best, and they know it. Experience working in similarly challenging environments, listening, mentoring and coaching is often all they need to get back to their prime.


Everything we do is in the strictest confidence under non-disclosure. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss if we can help by providing a fresh perspective.

We offer Pre-Sale, Sales, Post-Sales, and Marketing Consulting Services. Talk to us about how we can support you.

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