A fresh perspective can make all the difference

Sometimes all it takes is a couple of days consulting and coaching.

Working with our partners, we support you deploying the Sales Pipeline Development Platform across your sales business.

We support you review whether your approach to sales enablement, development and training is working. More importantly, will it be enough to keep your business competitive in the new world of sales.

If your company is going to prepare for and adapt to a new world of sales, you must first consider the sales behaviour required to achieve that change.

Our consulting and coaching services ensure you maximise your investment in the Sales Pipeline Development Platform, to drive both short-term sales revenue goals and longer-term sales value growth.

You have good people, but your sales process is failing

We support you review your sales process and pipeline to identify what is holding you back from achieving your sales revenue goals and longer-term sales value growth.

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Our Approach

Sales teams’ skills, discipline and behaviour is often an afterthought because all focus is on achieving short-term quota plan targets. Those companies that guide sales behaviour and prepare to strengthen their sales pipelines and digital transformation, adapting to a greater emphasis on virtual selling will emerge as future market leaders.

What is measured is managed

If you measure only short-term revenue achievement, focusing your quota plans solely on achieving fiscal targets. You risk driving sales behaviour focused on the short-term, at the expense of also achieving your longer-term value-growth goals. We support you to consider how the Sales Pipeline Development Platform can reinvent your incentive systems, to drive the behaviour necessary to make your business goals.

Develop your sales teams’ emotional intelligence.

Allow your emotions to cloud your judgement, and you risk making decisions too early. Using the Sales Pipeline Development Platform guides salespeople to remain objective while still conveying empathy. Leading with compassion allows you to step back from being drawn into your emotions too early. Being compassionate gives you the time to discover insights enabling you to see the bigger picture, before deciding.

Guide sales behaviour to strengthen your sales pipelines

Do your deal reviews, sales tools and processes, and enablement show what is good? By good, I mean, how you need your sales teams and managers to behave and act to achieve both your short-term revenue and longer-term value growth objectives. If you are struggling with slipping and lost deals in your sales forecast, or reactive selling based on price discounting, I suspect it does not.

System Integration Services

Sales leads, prospects and opportunities, along with contacts, are automatically updated within the Scorecard, and scores updated to your CRM system such as Salesforce. Want to integrate with other systems, such as your Sales Performance Management (SPM) system? We can support you integrate the Sales Pipeline Development Platform with your other systems.