Your Advanced Sales Prospecting Tool

Manage, guide and develop sales lead conversations through your sales pipeline

Be more effective in managing your time and resources when qualifying sales leads. Your Scorecard guides you to ask the right questions and develop conversations to build more trusting relationships and remain competitive.

Designed to be robust, secure and dynamic enough for use in the Field

Sales Pipeline
Presents sales pipeline scorecards - We use the term, Scorecards, to represent your sales pipeline within the Platform. If you are using the Members or Personal Edition, you will manually enter your prospects and opportunities. If you are using the Enterprise Edition, your sales pipeline is imported and maintained via the integration with your CRM system, for example, Salesforce, or another CRM system. Given the ongoing sales terminology debate, we keep it simple. A scorecard is a sales lead that can be either a prospect or opportunity in the Platform.
Guide sales engagement conversations - A scorecard is a deal flowing through your sales pipeline with a value that rolls up into your sales forecast. Our objective is to provide metrics that challenge your sales pipelines to encourage more accurate and realistic sales forecasting. We achieve this by guiding and coaching salespeople on the questions to ask and conversations to manage during the sales engagement to closure when forecast
Reinvent your deal reviews - If your sales pipeline is the strength of your business, your sales forecast the health of your business, and your deal reviews are your regular health checks. Using the Platform, you are providing your salespeople and managers with the tools to reinvent your deal reviews because they are focusing on the conversations occurring with every sale flowing through every salespersons’ sales pipeline.
Reinvent your sales Enablement - The Platform supports you reinvent your sales enablement by integrating your sales pipeline using the scorecards, with training courses available. You achieve Action and Review, allowing salespeople to work with sales pipeline while updating their skills and breaking poor sales habits.
Spread the Word - Users receive credits for every person they introduce and who purchases a Platform licence. Credits are personal and owned by the user and can be redeemed against future purchases or traded for rewards.
Sales Engagement
Conversations - The Platform guides conversations and questioning skill with every scorecard (prospect or opportunity) flowing through your sales pipeline. Time and resource management is improved, guiding the qualification of company, contact, and RFI/RFP sales leads. Better time management creates the space to focus on the different conversations, managed as Bricks, required to develop a value-based sales engagement through to closure when forecast.
Dashboard Review - Offering extreme value and earning trust is the currency of the sale for success. Review every scorecard (prospect or opportunity) flowing through every salesperson’s sales pipeline. The innovative concept of walls, bricks, and traffic light reporting provides instant feedback where a sales engagement is weak and needs strengthening.
Contact Insights - Supports salespeople have a fluid conversation with their contacts. Each Insight represents a struggle and conflict within their business. Guides salespeople on the conversations to have and focus on developing their understanding of the sales lead’s and contacts' situation, their priority needs, business risks, what is at stake, and what success looks like, by when.
Buyers Journey - The Buyers Journey completes the salesperson’s 360 views of each sales engagement flowing through their sales pipeline. Building upon the Contact Insights, the salesperson can start developing a compelling business case and strong Return on Investment — Group insights into Buyers Journeys that represent the one or more sales proposals.
Sharing and Collaboration - Salespeople can collaborate and share their scorecards with other Platform users to support them develop their sales engagement. Each person they share their scorecard with opens a dialogue to collaborate, build and strengthen the scorecard and sales engagement. Sales managers can view their teams’ scorecards.
Timeline Reporting - Strengthening sales pipelines and accurate sales forecasting is all about timing. The Timeline Reports allows both salespeople and managers to visually step into the sales leads’ project and buyers journey.
Proposal Development - Sales engagements can last many months, sometimes up to a year or more. The Platform supports salespeople to develop their proposals by managing the insights and commentary added to a scorecard. At any time, a salesperson can review a template proposal that brings together all information into one structured draft proposal or review.
Multi-Factor Authentication - You must protect your identity when logging into and using our systems. To ensure you are protected, we enable Multi-Factor Authentication. We will ask you to provide two or more pieces of evidence (or factors). Factor 1 is something you know, which is your password. The other factors, for example, Factor 2, is something you have received. We will send you a token code via email that has a short life and will expire soon after being issued.
Jitterbit iPaaS - connect your SaaS, cloud, and on-premises applications with your Sales Pipeline Development Platform. Instantly and securely share sales pipeline and intelligence between your systems and business processes.
Strengthen your CRM sales pipeline management - Sales pipeline data, including sales leads, prospects, opportunities, contacts, confidence scores; is synchronised and updated between your CRM System and your Sales Pipeline Development Platform.
Improve your sales reporting - Improve your sales pipeline, forecast, sales operations, enablement and other system reporting by including scorecard data with your existing data reporting.
Integration services - Once you have registered your Enterprise licence, we will contact your assigned Integration Administrator to discuss your company’s integration and functional requirements. Based on these requirements, we will scope any additional integration work required beyond the standard integration connectors we may provide to support your target system.
User Management
Subscription licence management - The Platform maintains a single subscription renewal date for all users. Upgrade Member and User licences to the Enterprise licence and reassign licences to new users should an existing licence user leave the business or move functions.
Scorecard management - The Platform will track your CRM account plans. If you reassign an account to another user, the Platform will move that account scorecard into the new owner's sales pipeline.