My Scorecards guides you to strengthen your sales process and pipeline

Grow your sales pipelines, improve deal reviews and sales forecast accuracy.

Your average deal size will grow, your sales revenues will increase, and your sales teams' success closing sales opportunities that value you and can pay you will take off!

Before people decide what they think of your message, they decide what they think of you. Earning trust is central to delivering value, which is why My Scorecards includes the sales tools allowing you to connect at a human level with your prospects and customer contacts leading with empathy and compassion. Every scorecard flowing through your sales pipeline includes these tools.

Timeline Reporting guides you to step into their buying journey allowing you to step into their buying journey to better understand their situation and challenges. To build rapport and earn trust, to know when to focus on discovery, coach, and go for the close focusing on how you will deliver your proposed solution.

Contact Insights Guides you to discover what is important to your audience, the questions to ask and areas to focus required to build a strong foundation to deliver a value-based proposal compelling action now.

Buyers' Journey guides you developing proposals, threading different Contact Insights into one or more proposals that best positions you to be awarded the deal. You are guided through each proposal creation step, the questions to ask and areas to focus that will earn the trust and deliver the value to be awarded the deal.

Sales Opportunity Dashboard visually represents your sales engagement removing the traditional complexities and risk managing a solution sales engagement to closure. Each area of your sales engagement is represented as a conversation brick using traffic lighting to alert you to risk. These leading indicators allow you to take control of your sales engagement to build a value-based sales engagement and close each sales opportunity flowing through your sales pipeline, at the value you forecast, when you forecast it to close.

Proposal Review and Reporting presents your proposal allowing you to ask, ``Would this compel me to act now?`` Using the Contact Insight and Buyers Journey Reports presents different views into your sales engagements and proposals, and each Conversation Brick presents the contact insights and buyers journey details relevant to those conversations.

Improved Deal Reviews Sales Teams gain control of their sales engagements, and Sales Managers benefit from increased confidence achieving their roll-up sales forecast. Sales Leaders benefit from more consistent sales behaviour and improved selling skill required to drive business value growth.

The result - Total control of your sales engagements, sales pipelines, sales process and sales forecast accuracy!

Accurate sales forecasting is all about time

Using the Timeline Technique you will master the skill being able to step out of your inward facing sales process and into the buyers’ journey to earn more trust and deliver greater value to be awarded the deal.


My Scorecard Editions

We have created three Editions

Members Edition

  • Invitation Only
  • strengthen sales pipelines managing, tracking and reporting on sales lead conversations to closure. Included when you are enrolled on a qualifying training course

Personal Edition

  • Purchase/Upgrade
  • Supports sales lead Timeline management and reporting to build stronger, more trusting sales lead relationships. Includes all Member Edition functions.

Enterprise Edition

  • Purchase/Upgrade

Per user, per month, unlimited sales leads. Billed annually. All prices exclude VAT. Discounts applied for multiple user purchases.

Unlock the secret to building a value-based sales engagement

First, take the time to discover what is important to your audience, then present a proposal that compels them to act now. Using our Contact Insights and Buyers Journey Tools allows you to consistently unlock these secrets to earn more trust, deliver more value, forecast accurately and consistently achieve your sales quota plans.


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The Personal and Enterprise Edition licence subscriptions are for 12 months. The Members Edition subscription depends upon the Training Course you purchase.

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