Your Conversational Solution Sales Scorecard

Guides sales reps and leaders to clarify and confirm they have made the right decisions.

To find their high-potential and sales leads and qualify out sales leads that will soak up valuable time and resources. Helps navigate sales engagements to increase sales values and close deals quicker. Closes the door on your competition by asking the right questions to find and address problems sales leads were unaware of. These are the problems that are critical to achieving your sales leads' priority business needs and give you a competitive advantage.

Conversational Solution Sales Scorecard Editions

We have created three Editions

Members Edition

  • By Invitation
  • You receive an invitation when you are enrolled on a qualifying training course
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Single User Edition

  • Available Soon
  • Supports integration to use alongside your Sales and CRM systems.
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Enterprise Edition

  • Available Soon
  • Tiered licensing supporting different sized sales and supporting sales teams.
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Take a tour of your Scorecard

Step into your Conversational Solution Sales Scorecard when you sign up to a qualifying online course. All Scorecard Editions integrates with your Training Space. Alternatively, you can use your Scorecard while you are out and about selling to guide and keep your sales lead conversations updated.

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Upgrade your Scorecard to the next Edition

The Personal and Enterprise Edition licence subscriptions are for 12 months. The Members Edition subscription depends upon the Training Course you purchase.

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