Your Advanced Sales Prospecting Tool

Manage, guide and develop sales lead conversations through your sales pipeline

Be more effective in managing your time and resources when qualifying sales leads. Your Scorecard guides you to ask the right questions and develop conversations to build more trusting relationships and remain competitive.

Lightweight, secure and dynamic enough to use in the Field

Account Area
Presents all the sales leads you have imported and are working on within your Scorecard. Selecting one opens the sales lead scorecard to continue working on developing.
Each sales lead has its own Scorecard guiding you through the disqualification process to focus on high-potential sales leads. The Dashboard provides a ‘traffic light’ status for the different aspects of your sales engagement. You are guided to develop a challenger mindset and questions to ask working with each brick. Your notes and insights for each brick are collated and sorted into a proposal template structure. Guidance is provided to onboard sales leads as you develop them towards closure.
Discount Credits
You receive credits for every person you introduce and who purchases a Scorecard licence and or qualifying training course. You can redeem credits against future purchases.
The full-screen view is supported by all Scorecard Editions. The integrated Chrome view mode allows you to use the Scorecard alongside another system while using a Chrome web browser. Training / Live mode presents sales leads you have moved into training mode and other sales leads you are developing. Insights guides you to collect and document the required information discovered while developing contacts. Timeline status and reporting support you manage sales leads using the Timeline Technique.
All Scorecards are protected by device security. If you move to another location, you will be asked to authorise the device. For maximum security, your Scorecard supports FIDO no-password sign-on.
Your Scorecard supports integration with your CRM system using a partner integration tool. Sales leads can be imported to your Scorecard and confidence scores shared with your CRM system. This allows you to include conversational leading indicators alongside your sales stage and confidence reporting supporting by your CRM system.
Securely share a scorecard with a pre-sale, post-sale or another member of your support team. Sharing allows you to collaborate and develop your sales lead conversations to increase sales values and close deals quicker.