By MEDDICC-enabling your deal reviews.

Invest in and help front-line sales managers transform deal reviews into consistent, robust deal development and coaching events.

Deal reviews will become more robust inspection and deal development events.

The skills and techniques covered will support Managers in inspecting, coaching, and guiding their sales teams, developing compelling business cases, increasing deal values, and delivering more accurate sales forecasts.

Arming sales managers with new techniques and skills support them to be more effective in preparing for deal reviews and managing their sales teams, supporting them in better managing their teams and forecasted engagements to closure.

All attendees will receive their Session Asset Pack containing a summary of the sales techniques and skills covered.

1. Introductions and Session Structure

2. Part 1. Your influencing and persuasion toolbox

3. Part 2. Accurate sales forecasting is all about timing

4. Part 3. MEDDICC enabling Deal Reviews

5. Part 4. Lessons from Closed Won & Lost opportunities

6. Part 5. The Go Live Plan

7. Part 6. Applying MEDDICC supporting the Buyer's Awareness Stage

8. Part 7. Applying MEDDICC supporting the Buyer's Consideration (Opinion) Stage

9. Part 8. Applying MEDDICC supporting the Buyer's Decision Stage

10. Part 9. Applying MEDDICC supporting the Buyer's Retention Stage

11. Part 10. Applying MEDDICC during the Buyer's Advocacy Stage

12. Conclusion. and wrap up

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Part 1: Your influencing and persuasion toolbox.

Unlocking new skills to influence and persuade.

Success selling is not about what we know. It is the skill to understand how to influence what our audience thinks and feels that is essential to your success.

We will introduce why having no Champion means No Deal. When competing with your Competition, it is the most vigorous Champion who wins, not the strongest vendor.

We will share a powerful technique you can use with your existing sales qualification we call The Throughline. Use it to quickly cut away all the events, facts, characters, and departments that do not form part of your sales engagement's Throughline.

We will recap what a habit is and how to replace old habits with new, better serving habits. And conclude why discovery and early-stage qualification using MEDDICC keep fantasies out of your sales pipeline.

Part 2: Accurate sales forecasting is all about timing.

Using the powerful Timeline Technique to know where we are along customers’ Buying Journeys.

Effectively navigating time helps us manage a more accurate sales forecast and build more trusting relationships.

We will unravel timing secrets to give you the competitive edge that elite sellers possess.

We all have an internal clock. Knowing our circadian rhythm gives us a competitive selling advantage.

Using the Timeline Techniques helps us turn our sales forecast and deal reviews from inward-facing to outward-facing, focused on what is essential to our customers and buyers.

How the powerful Timeline Technique, used with MEDDICC, helps us know where we are along the customer Buying Journey.

How using the Premortem technique with MEDDICC during deal reviews helps protect us from losing a deal.

Part 3: MEDDICC enabling Deal Reviews.

We sell outcomes. Our customers buy feelings and experiences.

We manage many moving parts to keep track and manage a sales engagement to closure successfully.

We will introduce you to a quick reference tabular display of the MEDDICC elements aligned to your sales process and pipeline stages that helps front-line sales managers guide their teams on what to do, when, and how to do it at each sales stage.
MEDDICC enabling Deal Reviews is a powerful continuous learning technique for front-line sales managers and their teams.

The collaborative approach's power comes from the fact sales managers are working with their teams, digging into detail on what should have been completed during previous sales stages and what needs to be prepared to move a deal forward.

Having MEDDICC enabled Deal Reviews, front-line sales managers are better prepared to manage their team's performance and report a more accurate sales forecast. Sales teams are better informed, knowing what is expected of them, leading to better preparation, greater objectivity, and more effective deal inspection.

We will share how to visualise your deal, helping to better prepare for and manage Deal Reviews.

We tap into Daniel Kahneman's Nobel Prize-winning research ``Thinking Fast and Slow`` and how you can use it to develop your deals and handle objections.

MEDDICC enabling Deal Reviews navigates us through the traps created by others perceiving their reality differently from our own. You will experience first-hand how our minds create a different reality from colleagues supporting your sales engagement. Customer Stakeholders', Champions', and Economic Buyer's perceptions based on their individual experiences and feelings could stand in the way of a successful closure when forecast.

We introduce why our success in influencing others and closing deals when forecast comes down to two key factors:

1. Our perspective. Discover is critical to understand our customers' situations, step into their shoes, and remain objective.

2. Their emotional meaning. MEDDICC helps us engage our audience to be more emotionally invested in our sales engagement, thereby increasing our leverage to influence their behaviour.

Part 4: Lessons from Closed Won & Lost opportunities.

Showcase the wins, and learn from the losses.

Having MEDDICC enabled your Deal Reviews, celebrate, and showcase the wins, overlaying how MEDDICC helped win the deal.

We encourage you to invite your Sales Development Reps once you start running these sessions. They are your sales talent of tomorrow and have limited opportunity to learn from the day-to-day developments of a successful deal.

Have sellers volunteer deals they lost to share their experiences and learnings where MEDDICC, on reflection, held the answers and what they would do differently next time.

Part 5: The Go Live Plan.

Planning, influencing and executing the Decision Criteria and the Paper Process to secure the deal when forecast.

A Go Live Plan is not an internal document. It should be prepared with your Champion and socialised internally to secure consensus with customer stakeholders and the Economic Buyer.

Review your Go Live Plan during the Deal Review. It needs to be customer focused and is a critical tool helping check there are no concerns about your solution, influencing the Decision Criteria, and ensuring all are prepared for the Paper Process.

The Go Live Plan helps create urgency by aligning your sales engagement with important milestones. The improved selling experience reinforces your commitment beyond closing the deal to building a strategic relationship and customer advocacy.

It is also the home for questions. In addition to structuring the Go Live Plan, we will share powerful questioning techniques to develop your sales engagements using MEDDICC.

Part 6: Applying MEDDICC supporting the Buyer's Awareness Stage.

To Qualify-In or Out? Focusing on discovery and avoiding moving into selling too early.

Using the Timeline Technique, you will know where you are along the customer Buying Journey.

We unpack how suspending your judgement and focusing on searching out information using your active listening skills creates an environment of trust and fairness.

When preparing for and managing Deal Reviews, the same is true. Confirmation bias is our real enemy and why we must be committed to following through on Two-Sided Discovery.

Supporting buyers through their journeys requires us to focus on what we do better than anyone else. We consider what makes a good Ideal Customer Profile and its value in helping sellers manage time and finite resources better.

Also, the value of using a Deal Sheet adapted to MEDDICC guiding Two-Sided Discovery through the complete sales process.

We unpack MEDDICC's Implicating the Pain and the value using the quick reference tabular display of the MEDDICC elements aligned to your early sales process and pipeline stages.

Part 7: Applying MEDDICC supporting the Buyer's Consideration (Opinion) Stage.

Building a compelling business case that prepares you to secure the deal.

Often opportunities at this stage in a sales pipeline are typically reported mid-way through the sales process and may have up to 50% of their predicted sales revenue rolling up into projected internal sales revenue reports. Lack of confidence in these reports risks undermining your investment in deploying MEDDICC and other sales enablement programs.

Your MEDDICC Deal Reviews have transformed into more robust inspection and deal development events.

The Consideration Stage of the Buyer's Journey is a critical point when a good sales opportunity can be lost or price discounted, placing avoidable pressure and risk on other deals in flight to hit quota.

We review each step of MEDDICC, sharing guidance on what to do and when to avoid this spiral of risk and pressure. By now, you should fully understand the criteria the customer will decide and the process they will undergo to come to that decision.

Working with your Champion, your Go Live Plan is mostly complete, and you have the metrics required to support a compelling value proposition and return on investment.

Building upon MEDDICC, we return to the Throughline and consider how using the Storyline technique helps create a compelling business case influencing buyers' and influencers' opinions of your proposed solution and value proposition.

Part 8: Applying MEDDICC supporting the Buyer's Decision Stage.

You should have a good engagement and a consensus with the Economic Buyer on the Metrics.

You have or will shortly be delivering your proposal and price. The Economic Buyer will ask whether you have proven the proposed value is available.

During MEDDICC-enabled Deal Reviews, you are looking for their commitment that you are the vendor of choice and that they support your business case. Your Go Live Plan is proving its value for obtaining late-stage consensus with the customer.
Confirming buyers' commitment is one example of how MEDDICC enabling Deal Reviews has prepared the ground to focus on completing the Paper Process, which is the P we add to MEDDPICC.

At the same time to avoid the Implicated Pain fading while managing these MEDDPICC steps, you need always to keep re-implicating it up to closure and beyond.

Part 9: Applying MEDDICC supporting the Buyer's Retention Stage.

You have secured the sale; however, the buyer's journey is not over.

Having successfully MEDDICC enabled your Deal Reviews, now is the time to start building that bond between your brand and your customer and help them to get the most value and satisfaction out of their purchase from you.

Retention is all about quality over quantity. You, the Seller, have earnt their trust. You must cement it by staying close, strengthening those bonds of trust, and maintaining them.

You will no longer be the primary contact and will have other deals to manage. Sellers walking away from a closed deal considering their job is done, are making the worst decision.

Once closed, stay engaged through the implementation supported by your Champion. Ensure Metrics are followed up and success captured. It will prove invaluable for upselling and using MEDDICC to secure other sales opportunities.

Part 10: Applying MEDDICC during the Buyer's Advocacy Stage.

A deal is never won forever.

We review how using MEDDICC to get your customer to the advocacy stage and keeping them there is the result of providing a great customer experience and nurturing them through every step of their buyer's journey.

Passionate people talk! Word of mouth is one of the most powerful and influential forms of marketing and sales. These customers are willing to be advocates for your brand. You might need to nudge them in the right direction.

The move to Subscription and Cloud delivered solutions has transformed how customers measure success. Seldom, if ever, do we sell a solution and not return to that customer to upsell or ask for their support.

We consider why MEDDICC enabling Deal Reviews allows you to track what has been promised is delivered, and a high standard of service is maintained.

Doing so helps drive your future sales success, future business, and customer advocacy to develop customers into powerful references.