Fine-tuning your deal reviews.

Transforming deal reviews to become consistent and powerful deal development and coaching events.

Deal reviews will become more robust inspection and deal development events supporting sales managers to coach their teams and forecast more accurately.

Arming sales reps with new techniques and skills supports them to be more effective in managing their sales engagements to closure and preparing for deal reviews.

The skills and techniques covered in the Session will also support Managers in inspecting, coaching, and guiding their sales teams, developing compelling business cases and delivering more accurate sales forecasts.

We have designed this Session Pack to cover two or three days, depending upon your specific needs, comprising eight parts. All attendees will receive their Session Asset Pack containing a summary of the sales techniques and skills covered.

1. Introductions and Session Structure

2. Part 1. Your influencing and persuasion toolbox

3. Part 2. Accurate sales forecasting is all about timing

4. Part 3. How to develop high potential sales opportunities

5. Part 4. How to avoid losing a high potential sales opportunity

6. Part 5. How to avoid your sales forecast slipping

7. Part 6. Strengthening your serve to close deals quicker

8. Part 7. Making your proposal more accessible for buyers to understand

9. Part 8. Summarising the sales techniques used to strengthen your deal reviews

10. Conclusion. and wrap up

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Part 1: Your influencing and persuasion toolbox.

Unlocking new skills to influence and persuade.

Success selling is not about what we know. It is the skill to understand how to influence what our audience thinks and feels is essential to their success.

You will already be using some of these techniques to manage sales engagements and during deal reviews. Others will be new to you. For example, how using the Magnetic Middle can increase your sales revenue. The Power of Loss Aversion, and how to turn listening into a martial art.

We will recap what a habit is and how to replace old habits with new, better serving habits. And conclude how to use the early-stage qualification to keep fantasies out of your sales pipeline.

Part 2: Accurate sales forecasting is all about timing.

We will unravel the secrets of timing to give you the competitive edge that the most successful salespeople possess.

We all have an internal clock. We will remind ourselves why knowing our circadian rhythm gives us a competitive selling advantage.

Effectively navigating time helps us manage a more accurate sales forecast and build more trusting relationships.

We introduce the powerful Timeline Technique that helps us turn our sales forecast and deal reviews from inward-facing to outward-facing, focused on what is essential to our customers and buyers.

And finally, how to use the Premortem technique during deal reviews to protect yourself from losing a deal.

Part 3: How to develop high potential sales opportunities.

We sell outcomes. Our customers buy feelings and experiences.

How other people perceive reality is often different from our reality. I will show you how your mind can create a different reality from my own based on our individual experiences and feelings.

Our success in influencing others cones down to two key factors:

1. Our perspective. We need to understand our customers' situations to step into their shoes and remain objective.

2. Their emotional meaning. The more emotionally invested our audience is in our sales engagement, the greater our leverage to influence their behaviour.

And finally, we will share powerful questioning techniques to develop our sales engagement and why a wise man's question holds half the answer.

Part 4: How to avoid losing a high potential sales opportunity.

Unlocking the secret to value-based selling and accurate sales forecasting.

You will probably be familiar with a sales qualification tool, whether BANT, MEDDIC, or another sales technique you are familiar with using.

We will share a powerful technique you can use with your existing sales qualification we call The Throughline. Use it to quickly cut away all the events, facts, characters, and departments that do not form part of your sales engagement's Throughline.

Part 5: How to avoid your sales forecast slipping.

Visualising your sales engagement to better handle sales objections.

There are so many moving parts we need to keep track of managing a sales engagement to closure. We will share how to visualise your deal, preparing for and manage deal reviews, no matter what sales technique you use.

We will tap into Daniel Kahneman's Nobel Prize-winning research ``Thinking Fast and Slow`` and how you can use it to develop your deals and handle objections.

Part 6: Strengthening your serve to close deals quicker.

Creating an environment of trust and fairness.

We unpack how suspending your judgement and focusing on searching out information using your active listening skills creates an environment of trust and fairness.

When preparing for and managing deal reviews, the same is true. And why confirmation bias is our real enemy.

Part 7: Making your proposal more accessible for buyers to understand.

Creating a compelling business case that wins the deal.

Building upon the Throughline, we use the Storyline to create a compelling business case that prompts buyers to act now.

Practical guidance on scripting a compelling executive summary, also preparing your business case to deliver a persuasive proposal to act now.

When preparing to negotiate a fair deal, you should never disclose your BATNA. Instead, ask lots of questions to understand the other party's BATNA to strengthen your negotiating position.

Part 8: Summarising the sales techniques used to strengthen your deal reviews.

Each sales stage must have an intended purpose and outcome to be inspectable.

If deals are slipping or you are losing forecast deals, it is probably due to not aligning with buyers' priority needs.

We will summarise all the sales techniques and skills covered during the Session Pack and how best to use them to manage your sales engagements to close better and prepare for and run deal reviews.