Nazca | Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nazca?

Nazca is Nazca Services Limited, a sales pipeline development platform that helps Business to Business sales teams to strengthen their sales pipelines and close deals quicker.


What is the Nazca Platform?

The Platform is the Sales Pipeline Development Platform which enables the delivery of a sales operating system established to empower salespeople, managers, and sales leaders alike. In turn it allows them to realise their full potential.

It also gives sales teams a playbook and methodology (which integrates with their CRM system and sales pipeline) to allow them to focus on buyer enablement. Salespeople will be able to earn buyers’ trust to deliver value and consistently achieve their quota targets.

It provides sales managers with a 360 understanding and control of sales engagements flowing through their teams’ sales pipeline rolling up into their own sales forecast.

It gives sales leaders the insights to make better leadership decisions, building richer, more lasting relationships with their sales business, required to execute high-value B2B sales strategies that drive business value growth.


What is the Partner Program?

The Partner Program is designed for businesses, service providers, and resellers that want to learn how to grow their business. It's a global community of businesses who sell the Nazca platform to their clients as well as helping their clients to meet their goals whilst using the platform.


How do I become a Partner?

Once you apply to the Partner Program, you can speak with a partner growth specialist to see how your business can uniquely benefit from the program. 

Partner Onboarding delivers an experience that is responsive to your go-to-market strategy and provides a powerful set of resources to help drive your success using, selling, and servicing the Sales Pipeline Development Platform.

You will receive a Partner Manager who will collaborate with you to ensure you have the knowledge, skills, and tools to promote, sell and support clients —plus you’ll have full access to the Nazca Services Support team to ensure you’re never left with unanswered questions.

During Partner Onboarding, you will receive guidance on the following:

a.       Assistance with deploying the Sales Pipeline Development Platform within your own business to support the sales process.

b.       How to package, sell, and deliver solutions using the Platform that better support sales teams, sales managers, sales leaders, and other supporting sales functions, including HR and Sales Operations.

c.       Remote workshop how to use the 30-Day to deliver Rapid Audits to strengthen your sales pipeline and develop compelling sales/buyer engagements.

d.       Guidance developing high-value account-based sales strategy focused on your Market Focus.

e.       Working with the Master Services Agreement and Statement of Works to integrate the Sales Pipeline Development Platform with other systems.

f.        On-demand classes on using the Platform and developing your sales team’s solution selling skills.


How much does it cost to become a Partner?

The cost of the Partner Program is based on your business’s needs and size. Please contact [DETAILS] for further information on pricing. 


How can the Platform help my business?

The Platform allows service providers to keep all of their marketing, sales and service tools in one place. The biggest benefit is the ability to use the software for clients directly. Alongside the Platform, a Partner receives support with access to sales training, partner events, software training, and content to use for lead generation.


What do you mean by Market Focus?

Between us, we will agree your Market and Geographic focus to leverage your own skills and expertise supporting customers deploy the Sales Pipeline Development Platform.

Your market focus and specialist skills will ensure we can support one another deliver targeted solutions addressing specific market and customer sales process challenges in those markets you focus on.

We will review your focus annually.

If you should secure an approved opportunity in another market (outside of your own Market Focus), we will use the Affiliate Program to transfer the lead to another partner specialising in that market sector.

For approved subscription sales, you will share the revenue share with a partner focusing on that Market and Geography, keeping the Affiliate revenue share proportion.


What does it mean to register a lead?

Lead registration is the process of claiming an account that you want to refer or resell to Nazca via the Platform at some time in the future.


How can I register current or prospective client domains?

You can register current or prospective client domains within your Account to be eligible for revenue share when you sell Sales Pipeline Development Platform subscription to that domain and account.

Domain registration is intended for your current and prospective clients only. Partners should only register domains and contacts that they have established a demonstrable business relationship and who you are actively approaching and are engaging with in a pursuit of a sale. 

When registering your domain on the Account, you must provide the contact name and contact details who will register their business account and purchase user subscription licenses.

Each accepted registration will expire three (3) months from the date the prospect was registered. If you are actively pursuing a prospect and the registration is expired, then you may re-register the prospect manually for another ninety (90) days.


What available Partner Resources are there?

You will be provided with several training subscription licenses as described in Your Partner Program Details. You will need to purchase additional licenses as required and your Partner Manager will be able to discuss this with you.

Certain online courses are certified adding industry-recognized badges you can add to your LinkedIn profile.

Nazca will offer as part of your Partner Onboarding, on-demand classes taught by Platform experts, ready to get you on the track to improve your sales performance and drive business value growth. After all, knowledge is power; harness yours.

What is the Sales Manifesto?

How your business and salespeople behave and sell represents your organisation but also represents the Nazca Services Community. We would ask you to agree to read and follow the Nazca Sales Manifesto, available at


Other questions:

What about Partner Events?

What is the Affiliate Program?

The Affiliate Program has been set up for businesses who believe in the Nazca Community and want support to help their own business network in addition to supporting the Nazca Community. Businesses can make introductions to Nazca through the Affiliate Program. In return for introductions, each business will qualify for a revenue share on the first year’s subscription made by Nazca via that introduction.

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