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Working together, we consider how you can use our Online Training Platform and Conversational Solution Sales Scorecard to achieve your business goals. Both can scale from the smallest to the largest global enterprise business. Our Online Training Platform is immersive encouraging active participation to break bad selling habits. Our Scorecard is adaptable to your specific product and market needs.

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Our Approach

We believe in offering choice. Either deploy our intuitive online guided sales training and sales tools, ask us to come onsite, or both.

Sales lead development

Your sales pipeline is the pulse of your business. If you are not managing your sales pipeline reviews, your business will be suffering. You will be leaving revenue on the table and losing potential clients to your competition. A sales lead can take several forms. It can be a company lead, a contact lead, or a Request for Information (RFI) or Request for Proposal (RFP) lead. You need to invest your time developing high-potential and value sale opportunities. Qualify out low-potential and value sales leads, these waist sales reps and leaders valuable time. We developed our Training Platform and Sales Tools for you to develop your own sales leads while working in the field.

Sales team development

Make sure you track the three types of sales lead. Report the sales rep’s confidence scores at the appropriate early sales stages. This ensures sales teams are more effective in managing their time and business resources. This helps guide the decision of whether a sales lead represents a good time investment or not. We developed our Conversational Solution Sales Scorecard™ to help guide your sales reps and sales leaders where to focus and ask challenging questions.

Sales skills development

In sales, we need to find common ground with our sales lead contacts if we are to move a deal forward together. Emotional connections create feelings within us. Managing feelings with perspective and compassion help build relationships that move deals forward. When you make it personal, a sales engagement has more purpose. We developed the Timeline Technique™ to support your sales teams better understand and follow up on your sales leads' behaviour

Tools, training and sales growth

Your sales pipeline must support your sales reps and leaders. Sales processes taking sales reps and leaders out of the field away from selling to report on their sales pipeline is ineffective. This internal management reporting highlights a failed sales pipeline and sales process. To rectify this, we recommend you install a sales prospective tools like the Conversational Solution Sales Scorecard™. This will release the time to focus on selling. We are passionate about developing the tools and training that supports you empower your sales teams’ success.