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We are working hard to offer all of our courses online.


Should a course not be available please contact us to discuss delivering it onsite. Each delegate enrolling on a qualifying onsite or offsite course will receive their own Conversational Solution Sales Scorecard licence.


With over twenty years working in sales, pre- and post-sales, and marketing, we understand sales is complex. Your sales and supporting teams have to handle extreme pressure to achieve their sales quota targets, commission, compensation and management business objectives.


Sales and your market are changing fast. Now more than ever before you need to invest in your teams if you are to retain them and grow your business. Under non-disclosure, share your objectives with us, and we will work with you to upgrade your sales enablement program so you can roll it out across your business.


Working together, we consider how you can use our Training Platform and Scorecard to achieve your business goals. Both can scale from the smallest to the largest global enterprise business. Our Training Platform is immersive encouraging active participation. Our Scorecard is adaptable to your specific product and market needs.


Create simulations to train and guide your teams and partners to use your products and services. Include secure resources, recommended reading and notepads available to each delegate as they work through your training courses.


It does not matter where your resources are located across your business. Use our Training Platform to link the resources you need to share, so they are available in one place for each of your training courses.

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