Sales Enablement Consult & Design

You sell outcomes. Your customers buy feelings and experiences.

You must avoid focusing only on your product to deliver an exceptional customer sales experience.

Having attended one or more Sessions, our Consult and Design Services provide the flexibility to develop tailored programs that address your more specific sales performance and acceleration challenges and goals.

You probably will already have a sales enablement strategy heavily focused on product sales enablement. We help you extend what you already have implemented, strengthen your sales enablement, and consistently guide sales teams to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Our mantra is central to our Consult and Design Service: ``You sell outcomes. Your customers buy feelings and experiences.``

Our Approach

Building upon our Session Packs to support you achieve your sales revenue and business growth goals.

Select a Session Pack

Our focus is on supporting you to strengthen your sales process and deal reviews. We recommend first reviewing the Session Packs offered as our Design & Consult Services build upon the sales process fine-tuning and sales skills and techniques covered in these Sessions.

Understand your Consult & Design Needs

We will discuss the specific sales challenges and what you are looking to achieve from engaging our Consult and Design Services. The Session is free, during which we listen, ask questions, and share our expertise in supporting you to reach your intended outcomes.

Present your Consult & Design Proposal

Following our initial consultation meeting, you will receive our findings outlining recommendations on how we propose to support you achieve your goals.

Get to work

Having finalised your Consult & Design Proposal, including timelines, critical success goals, timelines, and services schedule, we get to work delivering the Consult & Design Service Pack you have approved.