The classroom has changed forever

Fast track your new starters and sales teams to become a bottom-line revenue contributor in the shortest time possible.

Your company’s future success depends upon your ability to reinvent your sales enablement strategies.

The Sales Pipeline Development Platform offers you links between your sales enablement and the outside sales world in ways traditional training and sales enablement could not.

To equip your salespeople and managers with the skills they need to be successful, our Platform and online training give more focus to socioemotional learning.

It will give them the courage, competence and guidance how to transition to virtual selling while reigniting a spark within your company central to keeping your sales engagements remain human in the new reality that is emerging.

Reinvent your Sales Enablement Strategy

It is a proven fact that if new information is not applied we’ll forget about 75% of it after just six days. It is why My Training Space integrates directly with your sales pipeline allowing your sales teams to apply our online courses immediately working with their own sales pipeline.

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Our Approach

Cultivating your sales enablement culture will protect and strengthen your company and sales teams for the challenges and road ahead.

Reinvent your sales enablement

Our approach to sales enablement supports your salespeople transition to their new reality that includes virtual selling, and assisting your company in reinventing itself. The deal review is the logical point to focus, raising standards, strengthen sales pipelines and improving forecast accuracy.

Make sales enablement part of your work regime

The Sales Pipeline Development Platform transforms sales enablement to be an ongoing part of your sales teams’ work regime and standards management. Think of it as a continuing conversation and collaboration between sales teams and their managers.

Transform your appraisal, development, and reward systems

Integrating your Sales Performance Management (SPM) with our Platform will transform your sales enablement to support evolving your appraisal, development and reward systems to attract and keep sales talent you will depend upon to achieve success.

Sales enablement can support an agile sales pipeline strategy

Implementing an agile sales pipeline strategy must focus on developing sales skills to earn trust, influence, and move prospects’ behaviour by changing how they feel and perceive what we are communicating and proposing.