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Selling has always been tough but the more we try and sell in tried and tested ways, the tougher it will get. It’s time to do things differently. It’s time to take all that we have learned and change the way we sell from now on.

Working in partnership, we join forces supporting sales teams and leaders move from sales enablement to sales enlightenment and buyer enablement.

Why partner with us?

If you believe sales is less about what you are selling and more about your audience’s experiences, their views, prejudices, perceptions, needs and wants. You could be the partner we are looking for.

The Sales Pipeline Development Platform is ideally suited to dealing with sales uncertainty. We are entering a new age of sales and the future is uncertain. No one knows what lies ahead. The new age of sales requires buyers and sellers to work in partnership and feel their way through situations and challenges to:

1. Reduce customer uncertainty
2. Reduce supplier financial uncertainty
3. Improve buyer/supplier sales engagements

Partnering with us, and you will have access to some of the most advanced sales tools focused on strengthening sales pipelines, improving sales performance and forecast accuracy.

We will support you integrate these tools into your solutions and services to drive increase sales revenues and your business value growth.

A partnership designed for a new age of sales

If you are in sales or supporting sales, you’ll know what worked before, probably does not work as we adjust to the impact of increased remote working, automation, and the pandemic. It is why we offer three partner tiers allowing you to choose the partnership program that works best for you.

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We are looking for specialists

We are building a network of experts offering marketing, sales, training, consultancy, CRM, Sales Performance Management (SPM), and IT services. A family that is passionate about embracing a new age of sales.

We are all pioneers and we are all capable of being the sales people of the future, the ones that people want to buy from. We just need to throw off the shackles of traditional sales enablement and move to sales enlightenment and buyer enablement.

Sales enlightenment is the recognition that we need to construct and conduct sales organisations and the ways we sell in completely new ways from now on.

Could you be our ideal partner?

We are looking for partners who are committed to supporting companies adapt to the new world of sales. Partners who are committed to helping companies adapt to more remote, digital-based sales engagements.

If you see yourself joining our Family, consider which Partner Program ideally aligns with your own business goals.

Select the Partner Program that works best for you

Executive Program

  • Our Executive Program is for experienced sales pioneers who are passionate about helping their business network adapt to the new world of sales. If you recognise the sales organisation of the future will be enabled by data but led by humans, we are ideally suited to work in partnership. In return for introductions, you will qualify for a revenue share on the first-year subscription we close that you introduce.
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Affiliate Program

  • Our Affiliate Program is for companies that believe in what we are doing and want to support us help their business network. In return for introductions, you will qualify for a revenue share on the first-year subscription we close that you introduce. Our Affiliate Program is ideal for companies that see the value in leveraging what we do but do not wish to defocus from their core activities.
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Partner Program

  • Our Full Partner Program is ideal for companies who recognise what we do is central to their future success and business growth. As a Partner, you will receive an increased revenue share of the first and subsequent years’ sales revenue. Our Full Partner Program is ideal for companies who specialise in a process area or functional discipline or are specialists and want to support their market reinvent itself.
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