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Do you want to grow your business faster?

Do you want to integrate our advance sales pipeline development and sales education platform with your current business activities to reinvent and grow your business faster?

We are in the sales, EdTech and growth business, focused on supporting sales professionals and business leaders strengthen their sales pipelines and improve forecast accuracy. Passionate about driving success, we are focused on challenging and reinventing sales enablement, strengthening sales pipelines, and improving sales forecast accuracy.

Reinvent sales and business performance

We know traditional learning on the job is no longer enough to help businesses thrive in our post-COVID-19 World of sales. Companies are looking for a more integrated solution that foster more significant action and reflection within their sales teams.

Explore our partner programs, find the one that is right for you, and let us reinvent sales and business performance improvement together.

Sales and EdTech is in our DNA

Join the Nazca Services family

We are building a network of experts offering marketing, sales, training, consultancy, CRM, Sales Performance Management (SPM), and IT services. A family that is passionate about improving and reinventing sales, EdTech to drive business growth.

We believe in partnership

We are looking for disruptors who refuse to accept mediocracy. Companies and specialists committed to reinventing the World of sales and sales enablement. We believe in a partnership built upon hard work and collaboration, ensuring all contributing to our clients’ successare rewarded.

If you see yourself as part of this family, look at our Partner Programs.

Select the Partner Program that works best for you

Tier 1 – Affiliate Program

  • Our Affiliate Program is for companies that believe in what we are doing and want to support us help their business network. In return for introductions, you will qualify for a revenue share on the first-year subscription we close that you introduce. Our Affiliate Program is ideal for companies that see the value in leveraging what we do but do not wish to defocus from their core activities.
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Tier 2 – Full Partner Program

  • Our Full Partner Program is ideal for companies who recognise what we do is central to their future success and business growth. As a Partner, you will receive an increased revenue share of the first and subsequent years’ sales revenue. Our Full Partner Program is ideal for companies who specialise in a process area or functional discipline or are specialists and want to support their market reinvent itself.
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