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Coaching & Sales Growth Guide

How we approach supporting you with sales coaching, mentoring and consulting

You call for a consultant when you don’t know what to do and need it fixed. You call for a mentor who is good at what they do, and you follow them.

What about when you know what to do, have people who are good at what they do but you are not getting the best performance from your Team?



If you need us to support you achieve your outcome objectives providing sales consulting or sales mentoring, we are ideally positioned to help. Our experience with many clients is that they already have the people in place who can achieve what our clients want to achieve but it is not turning out that way. What most of our clients really need is a coach.

Coming in to support your sales teams as a sales coach, my team and I will challenge you and your team’s thinking, your goals and the willingness of everyone in your sales teams to grow. The value of coaching resides in achieving your potential using guidance and introducing new mental and practical tools.

Providing the explanations, insights and listening a coach can empower you and your teams to tap into your true potential, release limiting beliefs allowing you to navigate towards success.

Every athlete, every top performer and business person uses a coach to bring out their best. The workplace also needs coaches and coaching to achieve your own, your teams and the business’s full potential.

Preparing for success

Whether you are a team leader, or you are pushing yourself to build momentum and achieve more, how you and individuals in your team take care and present themselves will directly impact both your own, their own and your business success.

It is important to manage both your own and if applicable the psychology state of your team to get the improvements you need.
Too often people when faced with a major goal often think they cannot achieve it. Believe me anything is achievable if we go about it the right way, which means managing our psychology and mindset for success.

Working in complete confidence with you and your team, we focus on challenging limiting beliefs and leveraging the Conversational Solution Sales Program, as well as the Scorecard to unleash your business and your own potential.

Making consistent small incremental improvements will result in you and your teams achieving far more than your original set out to achieve. Like a top athlete’s coach, our coaching focuses on challenging you and your team, developing new habits, building a belief system that will unleash your own, your team’s and the business’s full potential.

Our coaching is particularly valuable to managers and leaders to supporting their teams develop emotional and practical skills, raise their standards, work performance and morale.

During our solution sales coaching we first focus on igniting the inspiration and belief system to become more engaged and driven by creating a serving approach conducting ourselves and performing our roles. Next, we focus on using techniques and sales tools including the Conversational Solution Sales Scorecard to unleash the potential within those we coach and the business.

We demystify, simplify the neuroscience and how our internal systems function so you and your team can prime yourself to get your best performance. In today’s world we spent huge amounts of time, resources and money advancing technology and the world around us, but we forget to look after ourselves. Armed with these new insights you start to challenge existing views and limiting beliefs that will help to release your true potential.

Five parts to coaching and unleashing your sales growth

Our coaching is dynamic adapting to each unique situation we deal with. We focus on challenging you and your team to reconsider whether there is a better approach to achieving your potential and outcome objectives. The following five areas covered in the solution sales coaching provide a framework upon which we adapt and deliver our coaching services to unleash your potential and sales growth:

1. Crafting your story and ultimate competitive advantage. Our objective is for you and your team to be the best you can be, to get the best out of those you interact and work with. We achieve this by stepping back and asking you to craft your origin story, to better understand your own and other peoples’ qualities. Guiding you to better understand yourself we help you and your team to discover each of your own ultimate competitive advantage. We encourage and challenge you to set standards for yourself that empower you and others, injecting a sense of achievement, satisfaction and fulfilment performing your role, being a part of a team and your business.

2. Create the career and future you want. You possess the most advanced 3lb / 1.4kg piece of firmware known to man in the Universe. We recap on the neuroscience and insights introduced throughout the advanced sales training modules and apply those insights to better manage your mental and emotional state. Provide guidance how you and your team can better manage your psychology and become exceptional communicators. How to manage your fears and state to have the courage to achieve your true potential.

3. Creating momentum better managing your time. Managing your state is central to better managing your time. Few appreciate lack of sleep causes more damage and has a far greater impact on your performance than lack of food. During the sales coaching we introduce the latest insights from neuroscience explaining the power of sleep and how sleep allows us to better manage stress and solve problems. How defining your purpose and being outcome focused creates momentum that avoids wasting valuable time supporting you achieve your own, your team’s and your business success.

4. Discover your leadership qualities. We recap on sales leadership training, leadership skills and disciplines introduced throughout the Conversational Solution Sales Program to execute more effectively. The power of the team, building your team, becoming a diagnostician to better solve problems, and making effective decisions that lead to success. When to use empathy in business and when not to, we introduce the value of compassion to make the right decisions that leads yourself, your team and the business towards consistent success.

5. Unleash your own and your team’s sales potential. The importance of sales mentoring and sales coaching when reviewing your own and your team’s sales pipeline and forecast. Using your Scorecard licence and past experiences to hone your conversational solution sales skills. How challenging the status quo and creating breakthroughs inspires others. Why all strong relationships are built upon trust and understanding the value of authenticity to release your own and your team’s sales potential.

About the Author

Treve Wearne is the founder of Nazca Services Limited. Treve supports businesses and sales teams positioning themselves and increasing sales revenues. Improving sales forecasts, talent development and retention in the most challenging business environments.

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