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Sales Pitch Guide

How we approach your sales presentation training

By now you and your team will have completed a number, hopefully all the advanced sales training modules included with the Conversational Solution Sales Program. Now we focus on bringing all these skills you have mastered together to take your own, your teams’ performance and the business performance to an altogether different level.



Preparing for success

You have discovered what your audience and clients need and value most, their business needs and human wants. You have been using your Scorecard to discover what is important to them, to structure and navigate your sales negotiation preparation and probing to ask the right questions. Now you consider it is time and you are ready to present and pitch your solution.

Before you launch into presenting your sales pitch, we step back and consider more deals are lost because audiences’ attention moves from you to your competitors or elsewhere because the message communicated was either not relevant or did not get through.

During this sales presentation training we guide you to avoid falling into this same trap. We focus on connecting and pulling together all you have learnt using your Scorecard to present a sales pitch that grabs their attention and compels your audience to act now.

To achieve success, you must have built strong relationships and the confidence your contacts consider you are better placed than your competition to help them achieve their goals. It is their trust in you and respect that you have listened and have a presented a solution satisfying both their business needs and human wants that keeps them loyal and committed to you and your business.

Four parts to delivering compelling sales pitches to act now

We look at four areas to deliver a compelling sales pitch to act now that addresses those business needs and human wants your clients’ value most:

1. Locking into your audiences’ pattern of focus to act now. During the sales team training we will simplify and unlock some of the latest neuroscience how your audience focusses and filters information. Presenting a sales pitch is a very human experience, understanding these principles provides you with an competitive advantage over your competition to deliver a more compelling sales pitch. We uncover many of the secrets that will serve you well into the future locking into your audiences’ pattern of focus. During the advanced sales training we recap on why discovering what is important to your audience and connecting with people lies at the heart of delivering a compelling sales pitch. By stepping into your audiences’ shoes, during the sales training we show you why thinking grammatically in the second person and dynamic listening are such powerful sales tools. These sales skills work because they lead you towards strengthening your audiences’ reason to do business with you.

2. Building your business case. We focus on building and strengthening your business case and sales leverage using your Scorecard to understand what is holding your audience back from moving forward. During the sales team training we focus on developing your sales skills to quickly identify what is controlling and determining the quality of your clients’ outcome, and why do they do what they do. Your sales skills enablement allows you to use these techniques removing information and facts that are not relevant to presenting a strong sales pitch. We look at when you should address the intent and obstacle to strengthen your sales leverage, and why believing in yourself makes all the difference.

3. Unlocking the quality of your sales pitch. During the advanced sales training we consider the two keys that will unleash the quality of your sales pitch, also the importance to manage stress and sleep. From your audiences’ perspective, we review your ultimate competitive advantage and consider why understanding the neuroscience and how your brain works gives you the competitive advantage. We guide you how using visualisation techniques will allow you to present a more compelling sales pitch. Preparing for delivering your sales pitch, we review why managing your presentation delivery like a dramatic story will unleash the quality of your sales pitch.

4. Delivering your sales pitch. We share the sales skills why you need to deliver your company pitch in no more than 30 seconds and then quickly move to focus on your audience and how you will satisfy their business needs and human wants better than anyone else can. We review key points you should be covering preparing to pitch your solution including the importance preparing scripts and practice before delivery. Different narratives and techniques to deliver your sales pitch concluding with managing the quality of your follow up.

About the Author

Treve Wearne is the founder of Nazca Services Limited. Treve supports businesses and sales teams positioning themselves and increasing sales revenues. Improving sales forecasts, talent development and retention in the most challenging business environments.

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