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Sales Value Chain Guide

How we approach strengthening your sales value chain

Your business success and sales pipeline funnel are dependent upon how strong your sales value chain is. During this sales training we focus on how to fix failures and breaks enabling you to unleash your business growth. Using the Conversational Solution Sales Scorecard – Members Edition that you receive with this sales training, together we take an objective review of your existing processes and activities that make up your sales value chain.

When we use the term sales value chain, we are referring to all value chains focused on either acquiring new clients or keeping your existing clients.
At any point in your value chain where value is either not added or is removed, or the chain breaks, it has a compounding effect how your audience, clients, the market and your competition perceive you.

Failures and breaks in a value chain impact your sales pipeline and give your competition the opportunity to outsmart and outmanoeuvre you securing a competitive deal or worse winning a client away from you. A weak value chain also impacts your ultimate competitive advantage by weakening it. Breaks and failures in your value chain also directly impact your operating costs and profitability holding back your sales pipeline and business growth potential.



Preparing for success

Whether you are a team leader, or you are pushing yourself to build momentum and achieve more, how you prepare for achieving your goals and executing them will directly impact your success.

It is important to manage both your own and if applicable the psychology of your team to get the improvements you need. Too often people when faced with a major goal often think they cannot achieve it. Believe me anything is achievable if we go about it the right way, which means managing our psychology and mindset for success.

Making consistent small incremental improvements will result in you and your teams achieving far more than you thought could originally be achieved. This is exactly how we approach strengthening your sales value chain by making small incremental improvements to unleash your business growth.

Throughout this module we ask for just a few percent improvement within each step, what we call a value chain link. We all can quickly align and agree these requests to be fair and easily achievable.

Believing it is achievable and with those initial improvements you and your team will have already set your mind set and psychology for success. You and your teams will start thinking how you can achieve even greater improvements.

It is this drive that every successful professional in business has. Making these incremental improvements sets the foundation to achieve compounded improvements throughout your sales value chain that over time you will have considered improbable.

This foundation and the approach we share enables you to continue strengthen your sales value chain long after we have left. Using the skills shared during this module will enable you to drive increasing sales revenues to continue unleashing and driving your business growth.

Placing your audience centre stage and serving your business and your clients you will also transform your own career to achieve what you had previously thought improbable.

Three parts to strengthening your sales value chain and unleash your business growth

When we talk about your business, we are referring to you and your team as part of the business and how you serve your business and those you work with to achieve success.

Using a series of simulations working with the Scorecard we look at three areas of your business to strengthen your sales value chain and unleash your business growth:

1. Building consistency to unleash your business growth and success. It is important we appreciate the value of failure to strengthen your sales pipeline. During the advanced sales training we review why failure is part of business growth and uncover the truth that you only fail when you give up. We look at why you need to set yourself, your teams and the business up to use challenges and failures to strengthen your value chain. Why everyone in your business needs to be trained on your sales value chain and will benefit from this sales management and team training. It is not just the domain of the sales, it is each functions’ responsibility in that chain of command how you, your team and the business to serve and deliver on their promise for being.

2. Stepping into your audiences’ shoes. During the sales team training we put into action your plan to get from one place to another. With the help of the Scorecard we consider the importance why you need to know where you are starting out from. We continue to return to the Scorecard reviewing what type of relationship you have with your audience now and the one you want and need to have. What is driving their need to request or supply information. This business sales enablement provides you with the principles that will guide you and your teams to build greater audience, client and market loyalty that strengthens your sales pipeline.

3. The sales tools and framework to strengthen your sales value chain. You now know where you are and where you want to be. The next step in this advanced sales training is to work through the value chain framework. We uncover each step presenting it as a toolset you need to put into action if you are going to strengthen your sales value chain and unleash your business growth potential. We review how to manage breaks and failures in your value chain, the strategies how to create an audience that respects you. By strengthening your sales value chain, you develop clients who are your greatest sales team and advocates in your market that will contribute to further growing your sales pipeline.

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