Get the competitive advantage you need

At a price you can afford with no hidden fees or gotchas

Our sales engagement platform, sales enablement courses, and services are all focused on strengthening and growing your sales pipeline. Our pricing is designed to be simple and clear allowing you to choose the plan that fits your priority needs.

The Members Edition is included within each course option fee. You can be up and running with any Edition and online course within half an hour. Integrating the Enterprise Edition with your CRM system, including Salesforce, is supported with the Enterprise Edition. Continue to develop your sales opportunities and pipeline while working with the online sales courses.

Plans that scale with your business

You have one renewal date for your business account no matter when during the year and how many user subscriptions you add to your account. Our self-service administration allows you to manage you subscriptions, transfers, upgrades, new purchases and renewals.


Your Sales Prospecting Tools

We have created three Conversational Solution Sales Scorecard Editions.

For Scorecard Edition Pricing, please contact us.

Members Edition

  • Included with Training Course
  • strengthen sales pipelines managing, tracking and reporting on sales lead conversations to closure. Included when you are enrolled on a qualifying training course

Personal Edition

  • Purchase
  • Supports sales lead Timeline management and reporting to build stronger, more trusting sales lead relationships. Includes all Member Edition functions.

Enterprise Edition

  • Purchase/Upgrade
  • Supports sales teams collaborate and develop sales lead conversations to closure. Integrates with your crm system. Includes all Personal Edition functions.

Supports you make the right sales decisions

Helps navigate sales engagements to find high-value sales opportunities, increase sales values and close deals quicker.

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Your Online Sales Training Courses

We have created three Accurate Sales Forecasting and Closing Deals Quicker Training Course Options. Each includes your own Conversational Solution Sales Scorecard - Members Edition licence.

For Training Course Pricing, please contact us.

Sales lead qualification

  • Option 1
  • Lay the foundations for accurate sales forecasting. Includes the first three of eight-course modules

Value-based selling

  • Option 2
  • Unlock the secrets to value-based selling and increase your average sales value. Includes the first six of eight-course modules

Building your proposal

  • Option 3
  • A successful proposal gives your audience the confidence to award you the deal. Includes all eight-course modules

Developed by solution sales experts

Continue strengthening your sales pipeline and managing your sales leads to a successful closure while sharpening your solution sales skills.

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We support you review and strengthen your sales pipelines

To identify what is holding back sales growth and provide practical guidance, sales prospecting tools, and sales enablement to address it.

Sales Enablement Services

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  • Launch your own sales enablement program. Working together, we consider how you can use our Online Training Platform and Conversational Solution Sales Scorecard to achieve your business goals.
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Consultancy Services

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  • A fresh perspective can make all the difference. Everyone is committed, but it just is not working as expected. Sometimes all it takes is a couple of days consulting.
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A fresh perspective can make all the difference

Everyone is committed, but it just is not working as expected. Sometimes all it takes is a couple of days consulting. We can also support you launch your own sales enablement program.

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