Improve sales forecast accuracy and close deals quicker

This course will remove the risk caught up in your sales pipeline and dramatically improve your sales forecast accuracy to close deals quicker.

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This course is unique because it is designed to be part of your working day.

No need to step out of your busy working schedule; we encourage you to use the sales leads you are working to close. Repeat each module as many times as you need to improve your sales forecast accuracy developing each sales lead moving through your sales pipeline to closure.


We give you proven sales tools and sales techniques that have been developed and tested within demanding high-pressure sales engagements. This course is practical and created from our real-life Business-to-Business sales experiences. Your Training Space is also available anytime you need it from anywhere in the World.


Use your Scorecard during sales pipeline reviews and Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs). Invest in the most valuable asset you have in your business – your people. Support your experienced sales professionals and supporting sales teams to keep their sales skills sharp. Include this course as part of your new starter onboarding program to maintain a consistent sales standard across your business.


You can enrol one, many or all of your sales, supporting sales and marketing teams onto this course – from anywhere in the World.

Forecast Accuracy

Treve discusses how by forecasting more accurately, this Program will empower your sales, pre and post sales teams to be more consistent building your sales pipeline funnel and closing high value deals.

Course Modules

Introduction to your Training Space and Scorecard
We take a tour of your Training Space and Scorecard Members Edition. Throughout this course, we focus on improving your Business to Business (B2B) sales skills. We start with how you approach a sale and open your toolbox on how to strengthen your influence and persuasion skills, and why habits control much of what you do. After every module, you review your habits and update them to serve you better. Focusing on improving your habits will give you back control of your sales success, and improve your sales forecasting skills.
It is all about Time
When forecasting sales, timing is everything. We introduce you to the Timeline Technique and the four most important dates to accurately manage your sales forecast. The differences between managing your sales pipeline and managing sales forecasts. Why your sales success relies on you developing a challenger mindset to becoming a problem finder. You will be working with your sales leads at the pace you set. Working with your own sales leads allows you to start improving your sales forecast accuracy the moment you begin the course. There is no limit; you can work with as many sales leads in your sales pipeline working through this course. We also recommend reflecting on lost sales opportunities during the course. We pause for a moment and reflect on how you communicate, how others are perceiving you, and the impact this has on your sales success.
Finding and developing your high potential sales leads
Throughout each module, you work through several simulations. There are no restrictions; you can repeat each simulation for every sales lead in your sales pipeline. We recommend you also work with lost opportunities because these provide valuable lessons learnt using skills shared during each module. Beginnings always influence the end. We focus on why discovery improves your sales forecast accuracy to win sales opportunities successfully. During each simulation, you use your sales leads with the Scorecard. We provide guidance how to find your high potential sales leads working with its three parts – the company sales lead, the contact sales leads, and the Response for Information (RFI) / Response for Proposal (RFP) sales lead, if applicable. Your objective is to release time to focus on your high potential sales leads.
How you avoid losing high potential sales opportunities
We introduce the Intention and Obstacle, and how to keep the stakes as high as possible. Why the compelling event is critical to accurate sales forecasting and your sales success. How using the ‘Throughline’ technique provides the required focus to win the deal. How we use the Throughline to give you the competitive edge that builds trust, confidence and to influence your sales leads’ the decision-making process. Each simulation allows you to put into practice new skills developing sales leads in your sales pipeline that improve your sales pipeline and forecast accuracy.
How you avoid your sales forecasts slipping
Our focus during this module is building relationships that strengthen your competitive edge to close the deal when forecast. Using the Timeline Technique, we uncover the timing secrets on how to avoid losing sales leads during the middle of the sale. Working with your Scorecard, we guide how to build trusted relationships and strengthen your business case. Why building champions and developing relationships improves your sales forecasting accuracy. We guide how to handle objections and why understanding our contacts perspective helps us to deliver a compelling proposal and reason act now. During simulations, you focus on competitively positioning each sales lead to win the deal. To avoid your sales forecast slipping, you must focus everything you do on creating new or keeping existing clients.
How you sharpen your persuasion skills to close deals quicker
Selling relies on your persuasive skills to develop and present a compelling business case. We share several powerful and ethical persuasion techniques to win sales leads’ trust and confidence. These techniques allow you to discover more insights, develop trusted relationships and build your compelling business case. Your success does not depend upon taking one path but a combination of paths. The Scorecard will become an invaluable sales tool for allowing you to discover insights and see the bigger picture. We uncover how securing someone’s commitment allows you to influence their behaviour and manage your sales leads to a successful closure.
How you create a low effort offer that wins the sale
We focus on whether you have the strength to be awarded the sale. Continuing working with your sales leads, we work on your proposed solution, each sales leads’ success factors and your value proposition. We consider your competition and how using precedents wisely, such as reference sites and the compelling event strengthens your competitive edge. We reflect on why a weak sales engagement often falls back on price discounting to win the sale. How the Bookend Pricing Strategy helps you avoid this ill-fated strategy to achieve a fair market price. Returning to the Timeline Technique, we turn our focus to the end of your sales process and how to create low effort offers. These are your most competitive sales engagements because they make it easy for your clients to solve their problems.
Preparing your proposal to be awarded the sale
In this final module, we consolidate all insights from the previous modules you have been updating for each sales lead using your Scorecard. We reflect on the knowledge inventory your Scorecard has been tracking, so you are competitive and in control of your sales engagement. Using your Scorecard’s proposal template, we review how it supports you deliver compelling sales pitches and deliver a competitive sales proposal. Finally, we review why preparing to onboard clients must be part of your sales process. We share our experiences and provide guidance and techniques that will win your sales leads’ trust and confidence when working with your Pre- and Post-Sales, Marketing and other teams.

More accurate sales forecasting

Hear more from Treve how this professional sales enablement program focused on improving sales skills will remove the pain of seeing opportunity data, but not seeing the WHY behind what is happening or seeing those sales forecast opportunities slip or be lost when it is too late.

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