Improve your sales forecast accuracy and close deals quicker

This course will remove the risk caught up in your sales pipeline.

This course is a sales enablement course, a sales tool and your coach. There is no limit on the number of sales leads you can develop using your course. The result – You will focus more of your time on sales leads that value you and can pay you. You also receive your own full year’s Conversational Solution Sales Scorecard – Members Edition subscription licence.


You will continually grow and strengthen your sales pipeline using this course because you can return to it to manage any number of your leads in your sales pipeline. Using your Scorecard you will be continually improving your sales lead forecast accuracy.


Your course will become an ideal reference point when reviewing sales leads during deal review meetings and Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs). If you manage a team, this course will also provide you with a FastTrack new Sales Starter Onboarding Program as well as helping you maintain a consistently high sales standard across your business.

Your 24/7 sales coach

You will be coached to identify sales habits that are holding your success back and replace them with better serving habits. This course will also become an invaluable self-development program guiding you to value sell and forecast more accurately.

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Better manage your sales pipeline and sales pipeline reviews

You decide which course best meets your priority needs. Each course includes your own Conversational Solution Sales Scorecard - Members Edition licence.

Sales lead qualification

  • Option 1
  • Lay the foundations to manage sales pipelines, deal reviews and accurate sales forecasting better. Includes the first three of eight-course modules

Value-based selling

  • Option 2
  • Unlock the secrets to value-based selling and increase your average sales value. Includes the first six of eight-course modules

Building your proposal

  • Option 3
  • A successful proposal gives your audience the confidence to award you the deal. Includes all eight-course modules

Per user, per month, unlimited sales leads. Billed annually. All prices exclude VAT. Discounts applied for multiple user purchases. Each user puchase includes a Conversational Solution Sales Scorecard - Members Edition licence

Join us behind the scenes

Solution selling has got lots of moving parts, and you have to focus on all of them. It has been no different building your online course. Meet some of the Team of technicians, developers and sales professionals who are passionate about delivering to you the best solution sales online sales enablement available.

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Course Modules

Introduction to your Training Space and Scorecard
Your instructor will lead you through a FastTrack familiarisation tour on how to use your Training Space. This will include how you can securely work on your sales pipeline and developing sales leads using your Scorecard. We review and discuss 17 ways to influence and persuade your audience. Your ability to influence and persuade others is a sales skill we support you sharpen and strengthen. We support you to become the best version of yourself by identifying habits that are holding you and your success back. The tools available in your training space to help you replace old habits with new ones. We show you how to break out of this hamster wheel to forecast accurately, consistently achieve your quarterly quota targets and build your sales pipeline. We lay the foundations to better manage your sales pipeline, sales pipeline reviews, and sales forecast. Your instructor will show you why serving first, selling later, is your passport to success in a world that is changing faster than ever before.
It is all about Time
To set ourselves up for success in sales, it is important we know what type of challenge we are dealing with. We unravel the difference between logical and insight challenges, and how best to handle them. We uncover the secrets when to plan for making critical rational decisions, the best times to be creative, and how to blend these two skills to deliver more competitive solutions and proposal that compels your audience to award the deal to you and not your competition. We introduce you to the Timeline Technique and how using it will improve your sales forecast accuracy managing a sales lead through your sales pipeline to closure. Armed with the Timeline Technique, we review how using it you can better manage your sales leads to secure the competitive advantage. We share with you how to use the Timeline Technique to transform your sales pipeline reviews to become one of your personal success and business growth secret weapons.
Finding and developing your high potential sales leads
We will introduce you to using 'Your Value Wedge' to find high-potential sales opportunities. How problem finders focus on developing sales leads working from their high ground where they are most competitive and their Business’s best story lives. We explain how the Scorecard guides you to approach and manage your sales leads to closure using the 40 / 60 Rule. How the Scorecard's scoring provides you with a realistic guide where you actually are in the sales process with the sales lead in your sales pipeline. You select as many sales leads from your sales pipeline as you want, in fact, you can work with all your sales when working on every simulation included with this Course. These simulations using your Scorecard help you to find your high-potential sales leads. We introduce how to use the Premortem Technique along with the Timeline Technique to Fast Track building both your own and your teams' experience.
How you avoid losing high potential sales opportunities
Working with your Scorecard and your own sales leads, we will guide you on how to do the initial qualification managing a solution sale to forecast its closure and value accurately. You can repeat each simulation as many times with each of your sales leads in your sales pipeline and forecast. We explore the often overlooked and misunderstood areas of solution sales and share how it can unlock the secrets to value-based selling. We will introduce you to a surprisingly simple yet powerful sales technique we call the Throughline. How using the Throughline helps you to create a compelling business case. We focus on how you can maximise your time by being more effective in identifying those sales leads that value what you have and have the money to pay you.
How you avoid your sales forecasts slipping
We now turn our focus to ensure you have the relationships required to forecast accurately and be awarded the deal. Using your Scorecard and lessons learnt so far, you consider whether you have the required relationships in place to be competitive and serve your sales lead's priority needs. We return to your Scorecard to focus on having meaningful conversations that build trusted relationships to strengthen your serve. Why focusing on yourself rather than your sales lead will mean you miss vital information to deliver a competitive proposal. How to position yourself into the strongest position to manage and develop your sales engagement. We uncover why an objection is an opportunity to develop your sales engagement. Objection handling is a critical skill we must all master if we are to be consistent and successful in sales.
Strengthening your serve to close deals quicker
We consider the difference between being emotional and compassionate, and why leading with compassion ensures your fact-finding and decision making remains objective. Why an inspiring business purpose will empower your staff and disrupt your competition. We unpack the five parts that make up our emotional intelligence and discover why leading with compassion will consistently deliver to you a competitive edge. You now turn your attention to your proposed solution and delivering on your promise. Working with your Scorecard, you are well-positioned to put in place a plan of action. You should now have the important facts and insights required to prepare your proposal.
Preparing your proposal to be awarded the sale
We step back and consider what is a story and why stories are such a powerful tool supporting you deliver a compelling proposal. We consider why pitching your solution too early and you will sell yourself short. Turning the tables on ourselves, we consider why you need to be rational and objective to discover your sales leads' real story. We open lid for you to better understand the secrets on how you can transform your business engagements and proposals using the power of stories. The first days and weeks of a relationship are critical. You will return to using the Timeline Technique to prepare for onboarding your sales leads. We review the executive summary and proposal structure. Why your proposal should not be focused on you, your company, or your products. How to be prepared for negotiating a fair deal and why you need to be laser-focused on managing the emotional and irrational aspects of your sales engagement.
Strengthening your business health and sales revenue growth
We consider why many sales leads are willing to pay more to achieve the priority goals that require them to invest in minimal effort. Many sales leads are willing to pay more to achieve the priority goals that require them to invest in minimal effort. If your confidence in your own and your sales team's sales pipeline were to increase. How much more revenue could you close each quarter? your Instructor will guide you through four steps to improving your sales forecasting accuracy. How these four steps will support you remove risk caught up in your sales pipeline, improve your sales pipeline reviews and Quarterly Business Reviews. Your Instructor will guide you through a tour of how to use your Scorecard during pipeline reviews. You will be introduced to toxic forecast debt and how even companies that are growing fast are at risk of building this debt. Your Instructor will unlock the secrets of how you can master sales pipeline management and forecast accuracy implementing the next generation sales pipeline within your sales organisation.

Where is your selling focus?

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