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Select the Session Pack that addresses your immediate sales challenge.

The following guidance will help you decide which Session Pack best meets your immediate requirements.

Improving your Sales Win Rate Session Pack

If you face one or more of these sales challenges, we recommend this Session Pack:

1. Sales stages are not consistently understood or used correctly by your sales team when reporting and forecasting their sales engagements.

2. Sales stages are considered an internal reporting tool. Sales Account Executives and Managers believe sales pipeline stages are more an internal reporting tool than helping buyers make better purchase decisions.

3. Sales stages reflect more where a sales account executive 'believes' their sales engagement is rather than what the buyer has confirmed is the current situation for the business case proposed.

4. Sales managers struggle to inspect sales stages to ensure sales engagements are reported accurately in the sales pipeline and forecast.

5. Sales engagements forecast for closure in a quarter slip into another quarter, or deals are closed through a heavy discount to achieve quarterly targets.

6. Sales teams overly focus on the products sold when describing a sales engagement rather than addressing a priority business risk, business improvement, or competitive advantage for the customer.

7. Sales and Marketing teams would benefit from closer alignment to ensure content your potential buyers require throughout each stage in the buyer's journey is available.

Strengthening your Deal Reviews Session Pack

Strengthening your Deal Reviews Session Pack builds upon the Improving your Sales Win Rate Session Pack.

If you face one or more of these sales challenges, we recommend this Session Pack:

1. More consistency and diligence are required when inspecting deals during deal reviews to confirm the forecast is accurate.

2. Inconsistent approach to managing deal reviews, creating inconsistencies across sales teams that may cause further risk in the overall sales forecast.

3. Using spreadsheets to finalise sales forecasts rather than pulling a report from your CRM system.

4. There is inconsistent and sometimes minimal coaching given to sales executives during deal reviews by sales managers. Frustrations in the sales team may arise, especially when under pressure and struggling to achieve their quota targets.

5. Overall, the business is achieving its quarterly fiscal targets; however, sales leaders are uncomfortable with the number of inconsistent sales performers.

6. Sales managers are requesting training and guidance to improve their coaching, deal review and management skills to achieve their quota targets.

7. Marketing is requesting feedback to help them create content to support sales teams.