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Your invitation to receive the Conversational Solution Sales Scorecard – Members Edition

When your business works with us to strengthen its business and sales operations, each person enrolled on a qualifying session will receive an invitation to use our Conversational Solution Sales Scorecard - Members Edition.

Your Scorecard - Know where you are and where to go for success

    I have created this Conversational Solution Sales Scorecard to support you improve your sales prospecting and improve sales forecast accuracy. An effective sales prospecting tool will unleash your sales growth using sales skills enablement and knowledge acquired from your investment in the Conversational Solution Sales Program.

    It delivers for you:

    * Creatively designed using a gaming concept, the Scorecard includes tips from the advanced sales training guiding your sales and supporting teams through managing a solution sale from receiving a lead to closing a high value sale.

    * Its innovative approach to maintaining sales discipline allows sales and supporting teams to track and review conversational sales indicators identifying points of weakness and competitive advantage. These skills are central to effective sales and negotiation skills.

    * Effectively manage your time using the Scorecard as a sales prospecting tool to disqualifying early on unsuitable company and contact leads.

    * Keep track of prospects and opportunities, the Scorecard is your ideal sales tool and service managing your solution sales for all your leads.

    * Track you have the right sales contacts in place for each lead to manage a solution sale to closure.

    * The Scorecard’s Solution Sales Arena guides your solution sales teams and supporting teams to have meaningful conversations placing the audience centre stage.

    * Colour coded scores and quick reference graphs focus attention to continually strengthen your solution sales engagement.

    * Its intuitive design using a mobile, tablet or laptop device guides sales and their negotiation activities while removing data entry using triaged questions and scoring dials.

    * Guides sales to structure a sales proposal with the option to capture key information throughout the solution sales engagement placing the client centre stage to satisfy their needs.

    * Guides sales and pre-sales to manage client expectations and prevent scope creep using documentation discipline handing over projects to your delivery functions.

    Your Conversational Solution Sales Scorecard applies the advanced sales training and conversational solution selling skills to build client loyalty and drive additional sales value that unleashes your sales revenue and business growth.

Success is getting the right clients and keeping them

We have created three Conversational Solution Sales Scorecard Editions

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Members Edition

By invitation

You receive an invitation when your business works with us and you are enrolled on a qualifying session.

Single User Edition

Available soon

Supports integration with your sales systems including your CRM system and web browser integration to use alongside your sales system screens.

Enterprise Edition

Available soon

Tiered licensing supporting deployment to different sized sales and supporting sales teams.

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