Sales Pipeline Development Platform

Strengthen your sales pipeline and sales forecast accuracy

The Sales Pipeline Development Platform consists of three parts. My Scorecards, My Training Space, and My Account.

My Scorecards uses your selected Conversational Solution Sales Scorecard Edition subscription. Three Scorecard Editions are available: Members Edition is only available when purchasing an online training course.

The Personal Edition guides and tracks every sales engagement flowing through your sales pipeline. Coaches and guides on the conversations required to earn trust and develop a value-based sales engagement. Includes numerous online sales tools to discover insights, support buyers address struggles and move through their buying journey. Timeline reporting – remember, accurate sales forecasting is all about time, supporting you develop sales propositions that compel buyers to act now.

The Enterprise Edition includes all the above and is ideal for sales teams. Includes sharing to collaborate with other Platform users in your business account to support developing your sales engagement. Integrates one of the world’s leading iPaaS (integration Platform as a Service) enabling you to integrate with Salesforce, Oracle Netsuite, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Hubspot, Sugar CRM, or any other Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems you may be using. Seamlessly synchronize your sales pipelines, and other systems with the Sales Pipeline Development Platform.

My Training Space provides you with access to online sales training courses. Each course integrates with My Scorecards allowing you to continue developing your sales engagements while developing your sales skills. My Training Space and My Scorecards support you reinvent your sales enablement to achieve short-term sales revenue and longer-term business value growth.

My Account is where you manage your account, it also includes My Business Manager, where administrators manage your business accounts, users, purchases, upgrades, transfers, suspensions, and much more.

Let us support you turn your business potential into reality

Our Sales Pipeline Development Platform and services are focused on a single mission objective. To support you strengthen your sales pipelines to achieve your sales revenue and market growth goals.

Start a Conversation

My Scorecards

Better manage your sales pipeline, sales engagements, conversations and deal reviews. Quickly identify sales leads that value what you offer and can pay you. Increase deal values and improve sales forecast accuracy.

My Training Space

Don't take your sales team out of the field. Use our online sales training courses integrating with your sales pipeline using the Scorecard to strengthen your sales pipelines while your teams sharpen their selling skills.

Professional Services

We support you to review and strengthen your sales pipelines. To identify what is holding back sales growth and provide practical guidance, coaching and consulting services to address it using the Sales Pipeline Development Platform.