Setting the standard for sales excellence

Consistently delivering customer success comes from effectively managing the conversational solution sale

The Conversation Solution Sales Program is an effective sales skills enablement because of its simplicity focusing on the six key solution sales skills. Focused on business sales enablement improving sales skills in these areas supports your teams have more meaningful conversations with your clients that drives sales revenue and business growth.

Where is your selling focus?

Together we design your sales team enablement and training based on these six key areas to take your sales, pre and post sales teams’ performance to an altogether different level. Click on the links to find out more details.

Improve your Sales Forecast Accuracy

Increase your sales values and consistency accurately forecasting. Empower your sales, pre and post sales teams to be more consistent and successful closing deals.

Strengthen your Sales Value Chain

Client focus & clarity is power. Looking inwards causes value chains to break down. Manage failures & breaks in your value chain to unleash your sales and business growth.

Uncover your X Factor

Rediscover your ultimate competitive advantage to stand out. Find the edge and breakthroughs that make all the difference to your clients.

Negotiate with the Power of Collaboration

If your sales teams have not been trained to negotiate they will see every sales negotiation like the one before. Develop powerful negotiating skills to close higher value deals.

Coaching & Sales Growth

Coaching empowers your Teams and individuals to change their mind set and get into a peak state allowing them to find answers for themselves.

Delivering a Compelling Sales Pitch

In a world changing faster than ever before, first find out what your audience values most to deliver a compelling sales pitch to act now.

Mobilise your sales and supporting teams to perform at their best.

I would like to invite you to discuss with me how using the Conversational Solution Sales Program, I can support you with advanced sales enablement and training that strengthens your sales engagements to drive greater client loyalty, increasing revenues and business growth.

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Our Approach

Your Conversational Solution Sales Program is built upon modules created from years of experience.

Initial consultation

Working with your key stakeholders I listen to your concerns, whether this be improving sales forecast accuracy, improving your sales pipeline, sales and negotiation skills, improving sales pitches, or another area of concern. We prepare, probe and finally propose your own Conversational Solution Sales Program to meet your specific needs. Once approved I work with your stakeholders to deliver the other three elements of our approach.

Program Deployment

Launching your Conversational Solution Sales Program, I support you mobilise your sales and supporting teams working in memorable engagements using real situations and opportunities delivering the sales skills and tools that lead to success. Active participation, business games, simulations and sales tools incorporated into the sales team training ensure solution sales discipline and key sales skills are quickly understood, practiced, remembered and applied so they can be put into practice immediately.

Coaching & Sales Growth

During private or group coaching sessions, and while solution sales consulting or mentoring I challenge limiting beliefs that are holding back your sales growth to get the best performance from your teams.

Improving Sales Reporting

I work with you to incorporate your conversational solution sales indicators and improved sales forecasting tools into your sales systems and processes supporting your business drive increasing sales and revenue growth. These indicators drive greater confidence and leverage with clients building and managing accurate sales forecasts. The advanced sales training provides your leaders and teams with better insights into the WHY behind opportunity data. This also allow sales leaders to better support their teams consistently deliver more accurate sales forecasts, value to your clients and to achieve their sales quota targets.