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Our Sales Process Development Platform designed for a new age of sales

We deliver a technology-enabled Collective Intelligent Platform. Nazca supports sales organizations to develop their sales engagement to build a strong, robust, growing sales pipeline.

Nazca guides the way your people, teams and entire organizations gather intelligence, gain valuable insights, build empathy and define winning sales propositions with and for buyers.

Nazca will enable you to lead and manage complex sales engagements and pipelines. To better organize and understand ever more complex information and data, make better choices and create more motivated teams.

Nazca will provide you and your teams with the emotional intelligence to engage better with buyers and ensure more significant team and individual wellbeing at work.


Nazca will help you

Strengthen your sales engagements and build a more robust sales pipeline

Nazca fully supports integration with your sales systems managing your sales pipeline creating the cohesion required to earn buyers trust, deliver value, maximize sales, business development and growth. Nazca helps you achieve this by guiding:

1: Early qualification to focus on opportunities that need what you can deliver better than anyone else. To dig for the project and discover their fiscal year starts/end to know which budget period will fund your proposed solution.

2: Using accurate Contact Insights to guide salespeople to ask searching questions. To better listen and challenge answers, documenting their findings into insight threads that can be shared and played back to customers helping them better understand their situation to earn their trust and respect.

3: Threading multiple Contact Insights into one or more proposals. Focusing on the Buyers Journey, guides salespeople to ask searching, relevant questions and deliver recommendations and proposals that meet the buyers' priority needs and goals.

4: Finding compelling buyer events and when they will occur is part of developing accurate Contact Insights. Knowing and maintaining focus on a compelling event ensures salespeople can be effective in managing a value-based sale, avoid budget cuts and keep an accurate sales forecast.

5: Tracking and guide salespeople to manage sales leads developing and qualifying the company sales lead, the contacts sales leads, and Response for Information (RFI) or Response for Proposal (RFP) sales lead. The same sales lead can be received in one, two or all three of these conditions and contexts.

6: Integrating with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, creating a scorecard for every sales lead and opportunity flowing through your sales pipeline. Mapping up to 30 conversation scores developing a sales engagement to ensure it is well managed along the sales pipeline stages. Using scorecards supports focusing deal reviews on the buyers' journey and helps salespeople and managers to maintain control of an accurate and robust sales pipeline and forecast.

7: Simplifying complex sales engagements help salespeople better deal with the unpredictable and unexpected. Each scorecard dashboard visually presents over twenty conversation bricks contained in four walls; -

  1. The Trap or 'Should we try to Serve Wall' protects your time to focus on the most valuable opportunities, who value what you do and have the money to pay you.
  2. The 'Can we Serve Wall' ensures you step into your buyers' journey to understand their reality and situation fully.
  3. The 'Support to Serve Wall' focuses on relationship building to create a robust sales engagement.
  4. The 'Strength to Serve Wall' guides your proposal development and delivery ensuring you deliver on your promise.

8: Guiding salespeople to ask the critical questions early on to map the buyers' journey fully and know where you are at any stage along it. Timeline Reporting presents each opportunities' project timeline and where you are on their buying journey, allowing you to adapt your behaviour, decisions and actions to earn greater trust.

Timeline Reports include overlay conversation bricks and contact roles on the timeline to challenge a sales engagement and sales pipeline assumptions. Doing so builds salespeople's' confidence and sales managers control when managing an accurate roll-up of their team's forecast.

9: Providing a constant guide for salespeople developing value-based sales engagements. The four scorecard walls focus attention on serving, building relationships, and delivering on your promise. Conversation bricks within the walls guide the conversations required to discover insights and build a value-based sales engagement. Sharing and communication threads support salespeople to better collaborate with colleagues, and managers to better support their team to develop and strengthen their sales engagements and pipelines.

10: Supporting build value-based sales engagements to challenge assumptions within their sales pipeline and provide accurate feedback scores. Sharing and communication threads allow salespeople and managers to effectively collaborate on different areas of the sales engagement each scorecard is tracking. Also, support sales manager manage better their deal reviews with access to all sales opportunity scorecards owned by their team. To review and collaborate more effectively, preparing for, during and post-deal review meetings.

11: Maintaining, guide, develop and track consistent sales behaviour guided by each scorecard. Provide ongoing coaching, learning and sales enablement while salespeople build their own sales pipeline, while they continue to develop their sales and emotional intelligence skills.

12: Reinventing your sales enablement by deploying My Training Space supporting you reinventing your sales enablement and training programs. Improved focus on tracking and guiding sales behaviour also helps businesses that need to reinvent their appraisal, development, and reward systems.

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