The Challenge

Sales is losing its Humanity

Humanity is not often a word associated with sales, particularly in today's complex sales organizations. Yet sales is complex precisely because human emotion, the ultimate determinant of buyer and sales decision making, is complex.

Buying is full of mixed messaging, changes of mindset, the whims of multiple influencers, procrastination, mood swings, the unwelcome intrusion of clever competitors, a new review on a new channel, unyielding procurement and the need for self-preservation, gratification and peer respect. It is difficult enough to sell to one buyer under these conditions but selling to 10's, 100's, 1000's of unique buyers simultaneously, can be like herding cats.

It is no wonder that many sales organizations have become pale shadows of their former selves. Or that the humans who sit at the centre of this, salespeople, leaders and whole businesses, are disconnected from their buyers' real needs, burning out and underperforming more than ever.

To make matters worse, the technologies that have developed over time to support sales organizations have become ever more complex, more process led, more confused and more distant from real, human sales and buyer needs.

The Manifesto for Change

The origins of the Manifesto for Change has risen from our concern that sales is losing its humanity. The result has is a Manifesto co-authored by our CEO and Founder, Treve Wearne, with Steve Cook, one of the world’s leading brand strategists. It is is rapidly growing into a movement. Here Treve explains how Nazca’s whole reason for being is build upon the Manifesto for Change.

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The Nazca Manifesto for Change

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