Our Purpose

Is to create previously unknown clarity, simplicity, cohesion and completeness in even the most complex sales organizations and buyer engagements.

By enabling those within sales organizations to successfully re-imagine and re-define their critical sales operations. Their sales engagements and strategies, collective emotional intelligence and individual wellbeing to meet better the future needs of all involved – the sales teams, sales leaders and the buyers and customer organizations they serve.


Our Proposition

To re-imagine and re-define the sales engagement.

Our entire reason for being in business is based on the belief that sales and buying are entirely human and emotional experiences for everyone involved. But where, over time, sales organizations have become increasingly inhuman – dominated by processes, targets and technology rather than being supported by these imperatives.

Often the reason for being in business has become detrimental to both salespeople and the people they are striving to sell to – buyers. The gap between what buyers need and the sales organizations that they engage with has widened to the point where it risks real damage – to salespeople, to the people who lead and manage them, to the relationships with buyers and, as a consequence, to the businesses who need sales to thrive and grow.

At Nazca, we believe that this has now become both unacceptable and unsustainable. We are calling for a new age of sales enlightenment where the human (seller and buyer) is placed firmly at the centre of sales organizations and where their emotional drivers, engagements, wellbeing and happiness are the primary concern.


Our Personality

Our personality influences our development, our determination, values, and principles.

We love humanity. We have watched with growing concern and sadness the ways that sales organizations have evolved to the point that human engagement, in any meaningful and beneficial way, risks being lost. We have seen and experienced the profoundly damaging effect this can have on individuals and teams within sales and in their ability to engage fully with their buyers. We want to change this by re-humanizing sales and sales behaviour.

We love Sales. Sales, salespeople and the ways that sales can captivate the imaginations of buyers are in our blood. We see sales as a primary contributor to peoples lives, work and fulfilment. We want to reinstate sales as an essential part of the human experience in the minds of everybody who is trying to sell and everyone who wishes to buy. The interaction between these two groups is ultimately personal, emotional and very human, and the positive or negative effect of sales can be profound.

We love technology. We are determined to change sales and to re-humanize sales organizations. Still, we recognize that the best way to do this is through the development of new technologies, platforms and solutions. It's a tricky balance but a challenge that we believe we have resolved through enormous heart, willpower, learning, expertise, experimentation and an obsessive need to get it right.

We love people. People are fascinating. We love the energy, the debate, the emotion, the challenges and the sheer diversity of the people we meet and learn from. We are inspired by their thoughts and ideas, their concerns, their fears, their hopes and dreams. We hate to see the distress that people go through in the course of their working days. We want to do all we can to bring out the best that people can be and experience whilst reducing the worst.

We love the challenge. We recognize that not everyone will agree with our approach, but we celebrate differences of opinion, ways of working and aspirations. After all, one of the critical parts about being human is that we are all different, and we all want other things at different times. Diversity is why we believe in a new age of sales that understands and responds to these human differences in ways that benefit everyone everywhere.

We love life. Life is precious. We don't like seeing anyone wasting a moment of it. We want everyone to be able to make the most of the time they spend with each other, as colleagues, as sellers and as buyers. We want to make sure that all the moments that make up the sales experience are as positive, truthfully documented, productive and valuable as possible for all involved.


Our Four Values

Who we are and what we stand for have influenced our four guiding values

1. Be accountable and committed to serve

Orchestrate your sales actions that align all internal stakeholders to help your sales opportunities and customers better manage their buying challenges to make the right purchase decisions.

2. Be creative and think for yourself

Don't let the sales process think for you, think for yourselves. Take control of your sales engagements to build a robust sales pipeline by focusing, ultimately, on your customers and their unique buying journey – with all its complexity, unpredictability and uncertainty.

3. Recognize that each customer is unique

Each sales engagement and buyer journey will be different and unpredictable. Be creative, be brave, be personal and embrace uncertainty because this is the only way you can define the right pathway for each customer.

4. Demonstrate high emotional intelligence and human skills

It is less about you and all about your audience's experiences, their views, prejudices, perceptions, needs and wants. Build strong sales engagement foundations by intelligently making the time to discover and understand your buyers' world so you can help them achieve their priority needs and outcomes.


Our Twelve Principles

Our values inform and guide our twelve principles for the new age of sales

1: Value your own and others' time and resources

Ask the searching questions early on to fill your sales pipeline with opportunities that value what you have and have the money to pay you.

2: Discover what is essential to your audience

Your product is unimportant at this stage. It is your audience's situation, their struggle, intent and why they want to achieve their priority goals that matter.

3: Step into your buyers' journey and challenges

Help buyers deal with their buying struggles, guiding them to make the right purchase decisions. Actively listen and be compassionate to their situation. You will earn greater trust and better position yourself to deliver more value.

4: Focus on what will compel the decision to buy

Take time to understand and focus on helping buyers and their influencers deal with their most significant risks and concerns. Focus your efforts on the opportunities your business is better at dealing with. Doing so will competitively position you, keep you focused on the compelling events and timescales that drive decisions to buy and prevent sales deals slipping or being lost.

5: Recognize that an opportunity comes in many forms

How a prospect decides to connect with your market, and you, are their choices and under their control. It is their decision, not yours. Recognize that a sales opportunity can wear many faces and originate from one or more needs or influences at the same time.

6: Keep strengthening your sales pipeline

Keeping a sales pipeline honest and robust is not possible if sales behaviour is incentivized to focus inward on the sales process. Keep challenging every opportunity flowing through your sales pipeline at every stage of the sales process to build value-based sales engagements and forecast accurately.

7: Deliver value to earn your audience's trust

Trust is not built; it is earned by mitigating risks and delivering value by helping buyers to deal with their buying challenges and make the right purchasing decisions.

8: Accurate sales forecasting is all about managing time

Your behaviour changes depending on where you are in time, but sales is not about you; it is all about your audiences, buyers and influencers. Step out of your sales process and into your buyers' mindsets to understand where you are in time and in relation to their journey. Only then can you adapt your behaviour to their situation, feelings, influences and fears to successfully earn the confidence and trust required to build a value-based sale and forecast accurately.

9: Be accountable and confident in your actions

When managing your sales pipeline, be effective in managing your time. Once you commit to developing a sales opportunity, take full accountability for your actions and in leading the sales engagement. Be effective in communicating and collaborating to create a value-based sales engagement that earns your teams and buyers trust.

10: Coach and develop sales teams

As a Sales Leader, enable sales managers to support their teams' development by giving them control and the right tools to confidently grow their roll-up sales pipeline and forecast without the need to be personally engaged in every deal.

11: Be consistent building business value growth

Provide sales and business leaders, managers and teams with the confidence and right tools to guide the sales behaviour required to deliver consistent business value growth.

12: Never be afraid to reinvent

Your company's future success depends upon your ability to invest in your salespeople, with programs that lock into your internal and the external knowledge economy. Keep evolving your appraisal, development, and reward systems to attract, maintain and grow the sales talent you depend upon to achieve success.

The Nazca Manifesto for Change

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