Manage your skills development on your terms

Your Training Space is designed to be part of your working day

Our online business to business sales training courses is for business professionals of all skills levels.

Each training course has been developed by experts with real-world solution sales experience. Each course integrates the Conversational Solution Sales Scorecard allowing you to continue working on your sales pipeline and sales leads while developing your selling skills.

Integrate your sales enablement with your sales pipeline

Your My Training Space integrates directly with your sales process ensuring your sales teams put into practice immediately new skills learn while working on their sales opportunities flowing through the sales pipeline.

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Unleash your future on your terms

An interactive experience
Your training experience is like being in a classroom with your course leader all to yourself. One one screen you watch your tutor present the course. On the other two screens you can see their computer and the slides. Move between screens, stop, pause, roll back. You are in total control.
Develop your sales leads
Using the Scorecard, simulations allow you to develop your own sales leads. You can repeat each simulation for as many sales leads in your sales pipeline as you wish. If you want to follow the course developing every high-potential sales lead you are working on, you can.
Online resources
You have access to valuable resources that are filed for easy access as you work through each module of the course. These include supporting videos, knowledge articles, sales blogs, guides and other reference material useful to develop your selling skills.
Work on Simulations
Your training course is designed to be part of your working day. While you invest in improving your sales skills you are also developing your sales leads. Track you are developing each high-potential sales lead working on it with each simulation. As you progress through the course so each of your sales leads also develop, increase in value and close quicker.
Develop better habits
As you work through each course module you will identify those habits that are working against you and holding back your sales success. We guide you on how to break old habits and build new ones that will serve you better.
Your takeaways
At the end of each module, we ask you for one takeaway. You will have sharpened and learnt many new skills during each module. Asking you for just one takeaway supports you reflect to improve your learning experience and skills development.
Recommended reading
We share recommended reading that we have benefited from and support the training course. With each book, we provide the reason why we value it and a link to quickly purchase it.
Your notepads
Keep all your notes and thoughts in one place and never lose that insight you jot down. Create a notepad for each module or a notepad for a topic. It is your choice; your benefit is all your notes are available online along with the course for when you need them.
Unlimited use
Repeat a module or the whole course as many times as you wish while your subscription remains active. Use your training space and purchased training courses to develop your sales leads. Choose new sales leads or work on existing sales leads.