Fine-tuning your sales process

To support buyers, make better purchase decisions and increase your sales win rate

The Session comprises five parts over two days, following which we document and include the findings delivered in your personalised Session Report.

1. Introductions and Session Structure

2. Step 1. The Buyer's Journey

3. Step 2. Your Sales Process

4. Step 3. Your Qualification Matrix

5. Conclusion and wrap up

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Step 1: The Buyer's Journey

We keep it simple and whiteboard the steps buyers take to decide to purchase.

Improving your sales win rate depends upon how well you support buyers and those influencing the decision to buy through their business and personal buying journeys.

Our goal is to document in stages the steps your buyers take leading to their purchase decision. Identify the different stakeholders and what stage they typically get involved in selecting and purchasing decisions. Their priority outcomes, concerns, and fears may become obstacles if not addressed early on.

Armed with your Buyer's Journey Framework, you are now ready to fine-tune your own sales process.

Step 2: Your Sales Process

Align and map your sales pipeline stages with the Buyer's Journey stages.

An effective way to think of your sales process is a story unfolding to guide buyers to their final decision with a beginning, middle and end.

The beginning is when you discover the facts and line up the inciting action, which is the event that hooks buyers into the story and sets everything else into motion, including your proposed solution and business case.

The middle is when you create the drama played out in the buyer's business. Your proposed solution and business case will address the related business goals, risks and conflicts.

The end is when you present your business case and the compelling reason why they need to act on your proposed solution.

By aligning and mapping your sales process stages with the buyer's journey stages, you transform your sales process and engagement into a story with a compelling throughline guiding buyers to select your proposal and business case.

Fine-tuning repositions your business and sales teams to be perceived as more helpful because you are shifting your sales process and sales pipeline stages from being inward-facing to outward-facing, aligned with the Buyer's Journey.

Step 3: Your Qualification Matrix

What information is needed at each sales stage to understand how you can help, and do they want you to help?

You are probably already using a sales methodology, and if not, we can guide you towards a suitable one for your business.

Because the stages of your sales engagement focus on helping buyers make better buying decisions, sales conversations will become more authentic and engaging.

Being better informed helps deliver a more compelling business case that avoids buyers struggling to understand how your solution will help them achieve their own goals.

Each sales stage can be inspected and developed throughout the sales engagement and deal reviews. Guiding sales executives on what they should focus on at each sales stage when developing their engagements help them deliver a compelling business case and proposal.

Sales managers and their teams also benefit from more inspectable deals flowing through their sales pipelines. Deal reviews will become more effective, improving your sales win rates because they focus on delivering value that supports improving sales forecast accuracy.

Your personalised Session Report

All that has been covered, including recommendations, is documented in your Session Report.

Armed with your Session Report, you will have insights on how best to fine-tune your existing sales and CRM systems, processes, and enablement to improve your sales win rate.